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Vyacheslav, Marina and their family

Children are a reflection of parents, and such unity can be brilliantly realized during the family photoshoot in Paris. This time, I want to introduce you to such an amazingly harmonious family. Vyacheslav, Marina, their daughter and son, showed the beautiful pictures that can be taken if you select identical images for adults and children.


In the early September morning, Trocadero Square was covered with golden rays and filled with warmth, both sunny and emotional one. A happy young family expressed so much cheerfulness and positive emotions that even the metal Eiffel Tower became less gloomy. On the contrary, the Iron Lady seemed to arose its softest and most sensual sides.


Like a Disney queen with a princess, Marina and her daughter looked on the background of the noble and courageous Vyacheslav, and their elegant young son, the future gentleman. The ladies chose light flowing dresses of the pink cloud color as the basis of the outfit, which emphasized their tenderness, grace, and femininity. Men adhered to a more strict and classic style with a white top and a black bottom that expressed their inner firmness and nobility.


We had a fantastic photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower, presented by joint, individual, and love story photos. It was especially interesting to take paired pictures with mom and daughter, father, and son. At that moment, I saw children's copies of Marina and Vyacheslav, incorporating the best features of parents.


Having approached the garden at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the main characters of this photoshoot in Paris changed their images to more colorful ones with a red accent. Marina appeared in a long scarlet dress of a free cut with white dots while Vyacheslav put on red trousers and a T-shirt with geometry, and the children - white outfits in a sports style with red stripes. Being surrounded by green lawns and trees, and dancing fountains, the family had fun together, and I captured those bright moments. High spirits became our faithful companion till to the end of the shooting.


To diversify the style of the photoshoot, we changed the concept to elegant chic. The Palais Royal is an ideal place to create such an image. The ancient royal palace with a modernized square and a park serve as a truly luxurious decoration for pictures, especially if you select the appropriate clothing. Marina and the daughter dressed in classic cream-colored costumes and white blouses. Vyacheslav and the son looked organically in white polos and light trousers of a cold shade of gray. This photoshoot combined certain restraint, delicate taste, and at the same time, dynamism. For children, it was a real amusement to climb high columns and explore every corner of the Palais Royal. For parents, the highest pleasure was to observe how their kids were rejoicing.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.