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Jack & Masha

As you know, I’m from Ukraine, and it’s so cool when my old Ukrainian friends come visit me. Jack, a friend from my youth, and his girlfriend, Masha, went on a trip in mid-September. They adore traveling, and France has long been on their wish-list. Their sense of adventure is also proven by the fact that they moved to live in Batumi, falling in love with the enchanting nature of Georgia.


September is one of the best seasons to visit the city of romance. It’s still warm so that you can walk in the picturesque Parisian streets for days on end, but fresh air prevents you from being languid with the heat. Jack and Masha arrived in the capital of France to experience new emotions and get unforgettable impressions so that they spent the week here with maximum benefit and dedication.


The love story photoshoot in Paris became one of the most vivid events. For me, it was a great opportunity to diversify my portfolio with pictures taken in Montmartre. Not all clients understand all the charm of this location. You can hardly find the same delightful district which preserved the beauty of antiquity. There is very little “glass and concrete,” and the curved narrow streets running uphill remind of the times when Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir, and Modigliani were walking in them.


Since Jack and Masha had a tight schedule, we combined the walk with the photoshoot. On an early and pretty cold morning, we hurried to Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, located at the highest point in Paris, on the Montmartre hill. The height of the cathedral is almost the same as that of the Eiffel Tower, so it offers an incredible panorama of the entire city. Sacré-Cœur can’t be confused with any other cathedral. It’s made of rare limestone, which, in contact with water, starts covering with a special white coating and gets a fantastic effect of sparkling whiteness. Winding streets and steps leading to the basilica are an excellent location for photos, and we demonstrated this.


Walking along the streets in Montmartre, we faced a pretty retro car, which acted as an adorable decoration. We stopped at almost every step to take romantic pictures and enjoy the unique atmosphere of old Paris. Jack and Masha were so amazed by the surrounding beauty that they did not even notice how we got to the Wall of Love. There, on a vast blue plate, 311 declarations of love are written in all languages ​​of the world. It’s not surprising that Paris is called the city of love. Getting here, you want to dance and sing about your feelings, and I read these thoughts in the views of my friends.


Undoubtedly, love warms. Especially if the warming power of romantic feelings is reinforced by a cup of aromatic coffee. At the end of our photoshoot in Montmartre, we stopped at the cozy Parisian coffeehouse and ordered a traditional French breakfast. Of course, we took a series of “delicious” photos, too.


I was really happy to see the guys because they not only brought a piece of a homeland but also inspired me with their strong, pure feelings. Masha’s eyes filled with tenderness and Jack’s passionate gaze made me think that a marriage proposal was not far off. And I was not mistaken :)


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.