Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris


In the heart of Paris, amidst the whispers of romance and the laughter of families, I've spent a decade capturing the essence of love and connection through my lens. With clients from every corner of the globe, I've been privileged to witness and preserve the most intimate moments of couples, the innocent joy of children, the warmth of family bonds, and the magic of proposals beneath the iconic landmarks of this enchanting city.


My favorite genre is portrait photography, outdoors in the city or in nature. An important moment besides shooting itself for me is photo processing, I follow the works of world-known photographers, I always learn, take individual lessons from professionals of photo art, because new methods and ways allow to create beautiful pictures, to keep up with the times. 


The best way to evaluate a photographer is to look at their portfolio. And, no matter what is written in the biography of the photographer, the photos themselves will tell you everything about him. The best moments are when people like what you do.


Photography is not just a camera, lens, strap, tripod and other equipment. It’s a definite philosophy that unites thoughts, feelings, smiles, memories. Yes, a time machine allowing to return to the past, perhaps only for same seconds in our memory. 

If you like my portfolio and life vision the world, I am able to offer you concepts of creative photo shoots. Each photo session is individually designed. The accent is on quality and originality in the preparation and the creative process. Imagination and style are my strong points.


When I'm not photographing happy people, I spend my time with beautiful wife and 3yo daughter.