Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris

Paris Photographer Dimitri Finko

Why is it worth booking a photoshoot in Paris?

You have arrived in one of the most beautiful cities on earth - Paris. A place saturated with a rich history, high aesthetics, masterpieces of fine art. Terrific photos are the best souvenir that you’ll take back with you. A professional photographer in Paris will help you fit into the atmosphere of the city organically and capture your unique story.


A photoshoot in Paris is a chronicle that won’t evaporate in 24 hours like Instagram stories. These frames are perfectly arranged in accordance with the weather and the correct location of the shadow and light. Each photo matches your exceptional image and the places that you’re fascinated by, be it the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, picturesque French streets or cozy coffee houses with croissants.


You’ll get the photos that you want to review again and again, and can also use them to create memorable postcards. Transfer digital frames to glossy paper or canvas, which will become a significant source of joy, pleasant emotions, and bright memories in your home.

Wedding photoshoot in Paris

Fine-art groom and bridal photography is the best wedding souvenir that you can present to your couple. If you plan to go on a honeymoon, I recommend you to take wedding outfits to experience the joy and beauty of the wedding day once again, but this time, without any rush and added excitement.

Our team will happily cover all of the preparation tasks, including transfer, hairdresser, make-up artist, wedding bouquet, and other props. If you are worried about the adverse weather conditions on the day of shooting, I hasten to reassure you! Paris provides plenty of fantastic locations, and as a professional photographer, I always find a way to beat inclement weather. 

A wedding photoshoot in Paris is a guarantee of a wonderful family album filled with happy moments and Ladurée colors.

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Love Story photoshoot in Paris

Are you going to Paris to celebrate the wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just to spend time with your loved one? How about adding a photo walk to your entertainment list?


A love story photoshoot gives you a great opportunity to experience the romance of French cinematography and bring maximum amorous memories from Paris that will not fade over time.

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Individual photoshoot in Paris 

If you go on a business trip, travel alone, or if your companion doesn’t want to participate in the photo session, then this type of shooting is created especially for you.


An individual photoshoot in Paris is a great way to get distracted, have fun, increase self-esteem, appear in your favorite dress, as well as a unique opportunity to get rid of complexes and constraints. Your final photos will become an endless source of joy and pleasant French memories.

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Fashion photoshoot in Paris

In case you need to complement your portfolio, create content for Instagram, upgrade your personal branding, or if you just want to try on the role of a model, organize a fashion photoshoot!

This type of photography enjoys great popularity today, especially when taken in Paris - the eternal fashion capital of Europe, which by default, creates a glamorous mood.

Keep in mind that high-quality fashion photography requires a well-designed concept combined with original images. Don’t worry if you can’t come up with some outfit ideas - our stylists will gladly help you to prepare.

A fashion and street fashion photoshoot will allow you to plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of amazing looks and experiment with the most vivid images.

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Family photoshoot in Paris

Family portrait as a genre of painting appeared in the Renaissance; Family photos became accessible and gained popularity only in the early 20th century.

Thus, a family photo album has been existing for several centuries. If suddenly your family still does not have the tradition of keeping family photos, then it's high time to start it here, in Paris.

A family photoshoot is an excellent occasion to spend time with your family, getting a unique opportunity to save the most precious moments of your life.

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