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For the Privilege brand

Production is only part of the success. Without a competent presentation, advertising and promotion, even the grandest creation can go unnoticed. Clothing is no exception. In order to win the hearts of modern who are very picky in their wardrobe, brands need to take care of the marketing component of their work, where a quality photoshoot plays a crucial role. To present their new collection in a non-trivial format, the manufacturer Privilege contacted me for organizing a professional photoshoot of a clothing brand in Paris. Our creative alliance with Privilege and Patricia (the model) achieved a cool result not only in terms of brand promotion but also in the context of the entire fashion industry.


Privilege asked to present their three new costumes in an elegant French manner. For each image, I selected a location according to the style and atmosphere, which would be able to reveal the idea of attire and present clothes in all its beauty. Patricia became the ideal face for this Privilege’s collection, as she possesses the external and internal qualities inherent in the brand: sophistication, grace, aristocracy, and depth.


We started the fashion photoshoot in Paris with the presentation of a two-level trouser suit with a vest and jacket near Palais Garnier. Thick graphite fabric with a pattern of snakeskin is the trend of this year and indeed looks exceptionally stylish and interesting. Straight cut trousers and jacket visually stretch the silhouette while a narrowed vest keeps the miniature and neat appearance. It’s suitable for both going to work, to the office, and for some temporal event or corporate party.


A snow-white double-breasted jacket replaced a moderate dark suit with pants. Large buttons and puffed sleeves make this image a real fashion breakthrough. Unlike the previous version, this suit has a free cut without any narrowing so that it will look good on the owners of any figure, thanks to the universal fit. It’s an excellent choice for street style in Paris and in any other city where the refined taste and knowledge of trends are appreciated.


The final image was the opposite of strict trouser suits. Patricia appeared in a black flowing floor-length skirt with a high waist on an elastic band and a loose white blouse with a high collar and wide cuffs. Small golden buttons serve as a complete accessory. For the presentation of these clothes, we made a photoshoot at the hotel, where Patricia showed that the blouse can be worn on one shoulder, which will make the image even more gentle and romantic.


This photo session for the Privilege brand became a breath of fresh air for me, and I’m very proud of the result of our joint work.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.