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Sergey & Daria

In October, Paris welcomes guests not only with a magical autumn atmosphere woven from golden threads but also with the first cold weather. However, even a cold wind or rain couldn’t become an obstacle for Sergey and Daria, whose inner fire of love warmed everything around. This love story photo session in Paris allowed the couple to enrich the trip with the most vivid and warm impressions, even in such a chilly season.


Of course, for any photo shoot, people want to prepare unusual outfits, without down jackets, hats, and felt boots. And despite the quite low air temperature that day, Sergey and Daria decided to make a small sacrifice and take photos without warm outerwear.


The girl was a bright element of the gray Parisian picture due to her motley red sweater and light black dress with white polka dots. Sergey chose a more restrained style, by wearing casual clothes of dark blue shades. Together, this energetic young couple looked extremely harmonious and interesting. The guys did not appear weak in front of the weather for a second. Vice versa, they smiled at it. Here it is - the warming power of love!


By tradition, we began a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, in the most famous and well-arranged place - Trocadero Square. It’s brilliant for shooting not only because it offers the most complete and beautiful view of the Iron Lady, but also due to its central location. Going down the stairs, you find yourself on a cozy green alley leading to the foot of the tower, where you can take a series of shots against a stunning backdrop. So I shot scenes with Sergey and Daria staying on a spacious lawn, at the fountains, and near the carousel. All this, of course, with a view of the Eiffel Tower which gave the photos a note of mystery and romance.


We moved forward to the new point of this photo shoot in Paris - the Louvre. During the break, Daria put on her jacket, thereby diversifying her first image. Now the outfits of lovers looked more strict, which perfectly corresponded to the style of the Louvre. Within the walls and in the courtyard of the most legendary art museum, Sergey and Daria got a unique chance to feel alone in the world. It’s truly a rare occasion since the Louvre is visited annually by 10 million people, which equals 50 visitors per second. So yes, the autumn weather has such advantages as the opportunity to have a secluded photo shoot in the Louvre.


The same lucky we were when visiting the Palais Royal. The complete silence and calmness were reigning there. There was not a soul in the square and in the park, which allowed us to take romantic photographs and enjoy the architectural elegancy of one of the main attractions of Paris.


The most long-awaited moment for my clients who have a photo session in the cold seasons is breakfast in the cafe. Finally, you can warm yourself with a cup of fragrant morning coffee and try a real French croissant. Sergey and Daria undoubtedly deserved such a pleasant photo shoot final!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.