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Nathan & Lesley

The rain has a special charm and romance, isn’t it? The grey colors hang over the city like a mysterious veil. And only two of them know what is hidden behind this smoky curtain — infinite tenderness and love. Raindrops were coming down on the land while Nathan and Lesley were towering above the ground. I observed such a fantastic picture during one of the last photo shoots in Paris.


The quiet Eiffel Tower looked even more lonely behind the rainy wall. Such weather created an incredible palette of background colors. The photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower with Nathan and Lesley brought some pleasant excitement, sweet daydream, and peace. And looking at them on that cold, cloudy day, nature came to life, emitting bright colors of autumn.


They were walking on the green lawn under the golden arches of trees, and their every step, like sunlight, lit up everything around. The sky opened up to see their strong embraces. I was so immersed in such a warm atmosphere of that love story photoshoot in Paris that only a wet jacket reminded me of rain.


Jardin du Luxembourg was the absolute embodiment of autumn beauty. There, the summer pink buds have already changed to cold-resistant yellow and orange chrysanthemums. And the golden foliage underfoot looked like a magnificent palace carpet. Walking in the former royal park is a real pleasure, and taking pictures in the Luxembourg Gardens is an unforgettable moment of any trip. Nathan and Lesley will undoubtedly enrich their family photo album with luxurious shots taken in different parts of this legendary place. I especially liked the shots taken near the pond, where leaves were swimming on the water surface like goldfish.


A walk through the old streets in the 6th arrondissement was a prominent part of our romantic photoshoot in Paris under the rain. Even though more than 50 million people visit the French capital every year, on a rainy day, you get a unique opportunity to experience total peace and solitude. Nathan and Lesley seemed to stop time and movement around them so that they became the only protagonists of this romantic story near the church of Saint-Sulpice.


The rain ended — the same as this amazing photoshoot in Paris.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.