Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris


Paris loves beautiful girls. At the same time, beautiful girls are amazed by the beauty of the capital of France. That is why an individual photoshoot in Paris is in such demand. Nadzeya is one of those beautiful girls who fell in love with the city of love and fashion at first sight and decided that she should take a piece of Paris with her, at least in photographs.


For this photoshoot, we selected a place distinguished by a certain severity and cold luxury, which ideally matched the model’s image. It was the Palais Royal, the former royal residence built in honor of Cardinal Richelieu. Thanks to the delicate taste of Richelieu and the main architect of the project - Jacques Lemercier, today we see the Palais Royal so chic, majestic and picturesque. The residence is represented not only by the royal palace but also by a huge square and park, where you can take a series of stylish pictures.


People adore and criticize the Palais Royal because of the interference of modernism. In 1986, it was decided to diversify the territory with works of modern art. So the French artist Daniel Buren realized a composition consisting of 260 striped black and white columns of unequal height. Not everyone was delighted with such an innovation, but those who understood and accepted the author’s idea use this architectural ensemble as a creative photo location. I am very glad that my clients share my enthusiasm for this place and take pictures among columns with great pleasure. Agree, the shots taken here are truly nontrivial and filled with the spirit of modernity.


We started a street style photo shoot in Paris with Nadzeya in this location. A red pullover, plaid skirt, graphite beret with a chain and massive black boots were very harmoniously combined with the design of the Palais Royal’s square. The visual intersection of the black and white stripes on the columns and kilt looked especially nice. Nadzeya’s image brought a note of playfulness and bright colors to the overall picture while preserving some severity.


But once we’ve entered a bloomy park with green lawns and shrubs, the mood of Nadzey and the entire photoshoot in Paris became lighter and ‘more smiling.’ The girl put on a stylish double-breasted leopard-printed coat, and, sitting on a bench near the fountain, I could read the full enjoyment in her eyes.


Yes, beautiful girls adore Paris, and the city gives them stunning pictures and an unforgettable experience in response to their sincere love.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.