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Diana + Diana

"Let's meet in Paris in a week and have a photo session with a view of the Eiffel Tower?" - that's how a typical talk between two bloggers-friends who love adventures, aesthetics, and fashion sounds. And already in 7 days, they are sitting in the room of Hotel Le Derby Alma Paris on their terrace. They have been waiting for this meeting for so long because everyone has a busy life, full of events and work. They are so similar in their lifestyle, tastes, and desires, and even the name is common - Diana. Yes, Diana + Diana are a real power, especially if their surnames are Skitova and Djalalova, and they came to conquer the capital of France!


You can easily recognize Diana Dzhalalova from my previous works as we regularly organize individual photoshoot in Paris. I can confidently call her my devoted customer. As you remember, Diana is the TV presenter of the program "One Day in the City" on the channel "My Planet." In parallel, the girl has her own YouTube channel, where she reveals many topics of interest of all women: love, relationships, beauty, happiness, and fashion.


The second model of this photo session, Diana Skitova, is also developing herself in the creative sphere. She is known for her singing career and blogging on Instagram (with a half-million subscriber base) and YouTube. On Diana's profiles, you can plunge into the world of travel, beauty, and aesthetic pleasure. She regularly shares her impressions and photo reports from trips around the globe, personal achievements, and thoughts.


So, as you could understand, the meeting of these two friends became a real creative alliance under my camera lens. In the early morning of October, with the first rays of the sun, we started this photoshoot at a hotel in Paris. Girls adore this format of shooting, as the photos look very cozy, homely, and elegant. Having wrapped in a warm snow-white blanket on the balcony which overlooks the Eiffel Tower, the models enjoyed just baked French croissants and coffee. The scarlet rose and the fashion magazine became an excellent decoration for such a truly "female" scene.


Paris seemed to invite the girls to have a promenade through its old streets, and without hesitation, we went for a walk. Of course, the stroll was accompanied by a street style photoshoot in Paris. It was the best time and place for the models to realize all of their stylish ideas and images. I did not even notice how many times they changed clothes, but in each new role, berets and hats were the must-have attributes. Do many people associate the capital of fashion and romance with such head accessories?


For each Diana, I made a series of shots. The photos turned out to be light, romantic, gentle, and infinitely stylish. You can already see some of them on Diana's Instagram profiles. A very symbolic decision was to make a joint final photo as it not only reveals the individuality of each girl but also manifests their unity. Friendship rules the world!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.