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What to do when you came to Paris with your friends and want to make a beautiful photo shoot early in the morning, while there are not many people in the street, and your friends want to hang out at nightclubs, then they can not wake up early and do not want to go to the photo session in the morning? Here is just one answer: do it by yourself, since you really want this and have dreamed about it for a long time! This thing happened to our next heroine, Inna.

We met at the hotel, she explained the situation and I decided to work together. Our photo session began near the hotel, until it started to rain and drove us in. After taking a few more pictures in the lobby of the hotel, we grabbed umbrellas, took a taxi and went to the Eiffel Tower.

Having arrived at Trocadero Square, the rain had already dispersed the tourists, we went to the observation deck, where we made wonderful shots with an umbrella on the background of the Eiffel Tower. Then we walked to the carousel and descended to the bund. Since it was February and it was raining, Inna was very cold and we decided to come back to the hotel and take a few pictures in the room with a cup of coffee.

When we arrived to the hotel, Inna found out that she had forgotten her phone in a taxi, and she just bought a new IPhone 7, and was very upset, thinking that she had lost it forever. But I explained that there are good people here and they will definitely return it. Calling the phone, there was no answer for the first attempt, Inna was upset even more, but after dialing a second time, the taxi driver picked up the phone and said that he was already taking the phone to the hotel and a couple of minutes later it was returned safely to his landlady. So such a photo shoot with adventures in Paris we had. 

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.