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Friends, I would like to share with you another street fashion photo shoot in Paris. The shooting was taken a place in February, in the Marais quarter. The name of our beautiful model is Adele, stylist is already known by previous work, Margo, and makeup artist Lubov. So I was lucky to work again with this great team.

After the gathering at Margot, we went to the lot. The our first point was a narrow picturesque street in the Marais district. There are lots of such small streets in this old district of Paris, which at their time was designed for carriages, not for today's cars. As soon as we got into gear, I was pleasantly surprised by the pace of Adele's work. She changed her attitudes so fast and easy, that sometimes even my camera could not keep up her speed, but evidently in this cold weather, it was a great way to warm up and to stay in shape for work longer.

Having finished photo shoot at this location and changed the style, we went to another place, to the Vosges square. But on our way we came across a beautiful place, that was hidden from the eye of a mere passer-by, and could not miss the opportunity to make some beautiful shots there. Later I found out that it was the building of the public library. Having got the square we started photo shoot in the perimeter galleries. At this time the sun came out and the light was very successfully seeped through the arch, where we took many beautiful pictures.

Once again I can say that working with such good people, who love their job, the result is magnificent. 

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.