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Alina & Diana

I hasten to share with you a very interesting and stylish photo shoot in Paris, which was in April with two charming ladies, Alina and Diana.

We agreed to meet with girls at Palais Royal. Getting acquainted with them, I was pleasantly surprised, we do not speak the same language, but we spoke in English, and it was so easy, which is not so often with new acquaintances. I was also amazed how they were stylishly dressed and harmonized between themselves in combinations of clothes colors and accessories.

Our work immediately went very well, the girls had a solid experience in photo sessions and they caught the meaning at once. I told them how to pose, which always makes our work much easier, if all are professionals and know why they do it. I have worked, of course, not with many models, but I want to say that these ladies are a head taller than many others I've worked with, even though they are not professional models.

On that day we were very lucky with the weather and it was warm, but there was a minus as well, many people went out in the street to enjoy a warm spring day. But that did not particularly disturbed us, we have found places with a minimum of people and continued to work.

Our photo session did not last long, only for one hour, but it was very productive. During this time we made a lot of smart shots, which are not ashamed even to send to fashion magazines.
Such an interesting photo session in the style of fashion was in Paris.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.