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Drew & Stefani

Friends, I want to share with you a wonderful photoshoot in Paris. There are Drew and Stephanie on pics, who came to France for celebrating the anniversary of their wedding and decided to capture these wonderful moments. The first day of shooting we began, of course, from the main attraction of Paris - the Eiffel Tower, namely from the place where the most beautiful view opens - the Trocadero Square. The guys were surprised with the beauty and measure of what they have seen.

On that day we were not very lucky with the weather, it was pretty cool and windy, and as the couple came from sunny California, they were cold doubly, but they behaved with fortitude, occasionally chattering of teeth. After the Eiffel Tower, we went to the Royal Palais, where the magnolias had already blossomed beautifully, although only the beginning of March was outdoors. I especially like to shoot in parks at this time of the year: green appears, the light is very soft, not comparable to summer.

Having finished the photo session in the Royal Palais, we went to the Louvre. I have a favorite place in front of the castle, wherefrom it is best to shoot the famous glass pyramid, which many tourists take for the Louvre itself, yes, and it happens. After, we went to the square closer to the pyramid and fountains, it's a pity that they do not work at this time of the year. That's here we ended the first day of our photo session in Paris.

The next day, the guys persuaded me to try a photo shoot in Versailles. Why do I say "to try"? It is forbidden to do a professional photo shoot in Versailles and in its parks. I immediately notified in advance my couple so that later there would be no misunderstanding, but they got their own way. Arriving in Versailles, I did not manage to do even 10 pics, as an employee of the palace came to me and said that photo sessions are prohibited. I made a fool of myself and told her that I'm a tourist and it's purely for us, so she swallowed it and allowed me to make a couple of shots.

Then we decided to go around the palace and try to continue our shooting. After shooting for 20 minutes, the police came to us and asked a shoot permit, which, of course, we did not have. Alack, but we had to leave the territory of Versailles, although we made ten pictures there. It was decided to continue the photo session in Paris at the Alexander III bridge, which is located not far from the House of Invalids, that was built in the 17th century under Louis XIV, now it is an army museum. Then, we walked to the cathedral of Notre-Dame, walked through the Latin quarter, where we finished our two-day photo session in Paris.

Revising the photos at home in California, the guys especially thanked for the pictures from Versailles and for the crazy attempt that they hit me.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.