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Waiting for a miracle! ))


I represent to your attention a photoshoot in Paris, which took place in November. The guy's names are Sergey and Maria. Our shoot we started from the Louvre. It is especially nice to visit this place early in the morning, there aren't crowds of tourists and you can wander in the vicinity of the Palace, viewing many sculptures on the facade of the building, plunging into the silence of awakened Paris. But we had no time to listen to the silence, so we plunged into the shooting process. 

That day it was cool outside and it made us move faster, in order not to freeze. Beating the pyramid from all angles, we went to the Park, which offers wonderful views on the Louvre. There is one wonderful place, I called it: "a place for kisses" - a nice bench under the tree, where I seat my couples and ask them to kiss. After the Park we decided to go to a cafe to have a cup of coffee, to get warm and take some pictures. Then we took the metro (by the way, this is the most speedy mode of transport in Paris), which quickly brought us to the Bir-Hakem bridge where the acquaintance with the Eiffel tower stars. 

After walking around on the bridge, we went along the bund to the Trocadero square. On our way the guys found a place for hanging a lock, symbolizing their eternal love, and the key threw into the Seine. Earlier, lovers hanged locks on the Pont des Arts, but when the quantity of locks became too much, the administration of Paris began to fear that the bridge could collapse, and it was decided to cut off all the locks. After the keys were thrown, the guys decided to ride on the carousel, which is also one of the landmarks of Paris. Then we went to the fountains, to make final shots. 

Since the guys were in "the family way", they wanted to take some pictures with an emphasis on the imminent appearance of a baby, but the cool weather considerably interfered with this. So just in front of the Eiffel Tower the expectant mother opened the coat and showed her rounded tummy. Perhaps, in the future, the baby will tell to everybody that he/she has already been in Paris. 

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.