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Sergei & Natasha

Today I would like to introduce to your attention a winter photoshoot in Paris. The shooting took place in December morning at Montmartre. It have been cold, but that day the sun was shining and rose our spirits. A couple name was Sergey and Natasha.

We started the photoshoot at the foot of the Basilique du Sacré Cœur, which offers a magnificent view of Paris. I want to remind that the hill of Montmartre is the highest point in the city. There you can always  get aerial shots in the early morning, yet there are a few tourists and it seems that you soar over the city.

After we went for a walk around this amazing area that still hides a lot of interesting things. It is shrouded in a long history of people who have lived here, and among them were many famous artists, such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, van Gogh and others, who started new movements. Walking along the streets, I shew the most interesting places to the guys, which are imbued with spirit of great people. So we walked over to the cabaret  Le Lapin Agile, where Edith Piaf sang. Next to this building is the last vineyard on the Montmartre, that is used to make and sell very expensive wine.

So walking around and looking at the architecture we made a lovely live pictures that I love. They are filled with real emotions, such emotions cannot be faked and it is shown on the picture that we have got. At the end of our photoshoot in Montmartre we visited the wall of love, where, more than in hundred languages, is written "I love you". Next, we went to the Eiffel Tower, and we decide to start from the Trocadero square. Though it was about 10 am and tourists have arrived, I know all the ins and outs where you can make very beautiful shots with a Tower without people. After we walked along the bund to the bridge of Bir-Hakeim, where also you can get great shots with views of the main symbol of France.

At that point our photoshoot in Paris has ended, but we got a very good result in the form of beautiful photos with real life emotions, that will warm in this cold winter. 

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.