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The 70th Cannes Festival

Friends, I hasten to share with you a photo report from the anniversary 70th Cannes Film Festival, which took place from 18th to 28th of May 2017.

Let's start in order, I was requested by guys from Indonesia, who represented their film at the festival. When I learned all details, I immediately agreed to take part in this great event, where many people dream to be, and this chance does not fall to everybody's lot.

I'm sure that you expected to see a series of photos with the stars on the red carpet, I force to disappoint you. Accreditation costs a lot, and the project, which I shot, is still very young, they decided to buy a few photos from the red carpet, so to speak, from people specially trained for this ceremony. 

I worked with the association of directors (Quinzaine des Realisateurs), which represented their movie masterpiece. The premiere of the film "Marlina" was scheduled for May 24th, and the day before we met with the producer and the actors to get acquainted and make a small photo shoot in Cannes, in the atmosphere of the festival.

We met at 8-00 with guys, an actress of a starring role (Marsha Timothy) amazed me with her beauty. She came to the festival with her family: with her husband, by the way, he is also a very famous actor in Indonesia (Vino G Bastian) and a little daughter, a very beautiful family; and with two actors and an actress, all are very nice and cool guys. After having get to know each other, we went for a walk and took photos around the festival, on our way, the producer showed where the premiere would take place and what the front of the event would be.

The next day we met near the very premiere hall, where the show would occured. There I met with all the members of the film team and, directly, with the director (Mouly Surya), with whom we went to an interview where I did the backstage shots. After we were taken to the rest of the group and the guys, under the ovation of the auditorium, went out to answer questions about the film.

Then, before the main premiere, which took place in the evening, we had a break, about two hours. The weather was very hot that day and the actors went to the hotel to rest and change, and we went with the producer to a private beach, to have a snack and rest until the evening. In the evening, before the premiere, there was a small banquet, then we were led through a back door to the room for viewing the picture.

The film "Marlina" is a story about a girl with a difficult fate who fought with men for her honor. The audience liked the picture and applauded standing up. On this major note my adventures at the Cannes festival was ended.

I got invaluable experience, I personally felt the measure of such event and the importance of world cinema. I will believe that this was my first experience at the Cannes Film Festival, but not the last.

Your photographer in France, Dimitri Finko.