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Friends, today I would like to present to your attention a fashion photo session in Paris, that took place at the end of May, in the Saint-Paul Village. As I wrote before, I really like working in the Marais quarter and this photo session was held here as well. The Marais quarter contains many enigmatically attractive places, for example, the famous fortress of Bastille is bordered with the little-known Saint-Paul Village, that we chose for our fashion photo shot.  This Parisian pearl is hidden behind the remains of the fortress walls of the XII century, where the medieval age exists in parallel with modern life in Paris.


The Middle Ages are attracted by their Gothic style, so the severity of the buildings was perfectly combined with the image of the model. The provocative image of a woman in a man's suit was once revolutionary, but not for the present. Our model, the fragile girl Julia, chose the image of a strict business lady in a man's suit and subdued us with her subtlety.


We met in the morning with Julia and after having got acquainted with the model and analyzing her image, we immediately began to yield paved streets and narrow labyrinths of cozy courtyards of St. Pau Village. At the end of May, sunlight is pleasant and warm, and yet not as sultry as in the summer, so it turned out well in the photos to convey the image. The combination of business style and Gothic strict architecture beautifully fit into the shots.


It was very interesting and easy to work with the model. Julia quickly caught the image and changed poses unconstrained. In my profession, the internal contact between the model and the photographer is very important, then the work is going well, and time flies by unnoticed.


I want to clarify that the St. Paul Village attracts collectors, here the ancient Paris opens, so and I added my photo collections with not boring work in the style of fashion.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.