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Thura & Wine

Paris is exceptionally fascinating and mysterious at night. As soon as the daily vanity subsides, the city obtains an entirely  new appearance. We discover a truly fabulous European capital glittering with billions of golden lights. You can see Paris cozy and restrained as if created for pacification and solitude, and at the same time, it becomes crazy and passionate, as if strives to immerse you into the sea of ​​nightly entertainment.


Your trip will become unforgettable when walking through the Parisian night streets, and sincere love to this corner of the planet will remain in your heart forever. Also, the nighttime is a great solution for a wedding photo shoot in Paris, as it allows to create various non-trivial pictures. Thura and Wine are a couple of newlyweds from Myanmar who went on a honeymoon trip in April 2018 to take part in one of these pictures. Night photo session in Paris was goal #1 for them.


My clients’ favorite location for night shooting is the Louvre, or rather, the famous glass pyramid near the museum. Its illumination sparks imagination, and it’s an excellent marketing tool for attracting tourists.


Thura and Wine happily agreed to begin a night photo session at the Louvre. For these frames, they chose classic black and white outfits, keeping the spirit of a wedding celebration.


Thanks to the cold light, the glass pyramid was reflected in an artificial reservoir at its foot and served as a wonderful background for our photos. The few visitors at this late hour did not bother the newlyweds. On the contrary, Teo and Wine were happy to share their joyful mood with others.


It is interesting to note that the Louvre attracts people not only with its majestic history but also with numerous secrets hidden behind its walls and in the courtyard. Its puzzles still disturb the minds of pundits and ordinary visitors. Legends about the ghosts of the Louvre have inspired many directors to create such top-grade films as Belphégor — Le fantôme du Louvre, The Da Vinci Code, Museum Secrets, etc. The newlyweds noted that they also felt the presence of something supernatural and powerful.


Having shared mixed emotions and guesses, we went to the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, which is one of the most unusual bridges in Paris. Its complex three-level construction of metal and concrete has become a favorite place for filming and photography. For this photo shoot, Wine changed into a white wedding dress with a long tail and replaced the bridal bouquet of pale cream roses to scarlet tulips.


The view of the Eiffel Tower from the Pont de Bir-Hakeim is especially delightful. Since 2000, the tower is illuminated with golden lights, and every hour additional flickering bulbs light up for 3 minutes. You can enjoy such performance until 1 AM.


We decided to finish the night photo session near the Eiffel Tower by riding the carousel. In the evening and at night, the carousel is also illuminated which looks very festive and attractive both for children and adults.


Impressed by the beauty of the night city and the photographs taken, we sat down on a bench in a park at the foot of the Eiffel Tower to enjoy this Parisian fairytale a little longer. Even being quite tired after such a productive work, Thura and Wine didn’t stop smiling, and it was evident that they were sincerely happy and in love not only with each other but also with the most romantic city on the planet.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.