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If you want to take amazing pictures in France and impress your close people with the natural beauty of the country, not with the Eiffel's masterpiece, a great solution is to organize a photo session at Lac d'Annecy. This corner is called the "little Venice" of the French Alps. The lake of incredible beauty, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of Southeastern France, is the second largest inland water body of the Republic and a popular place among residents for having a "cool" beach holiday.


The eponymous city boasts a considerable number of significant historical attractions, including the medieval castle and the palace in the center of the city canal. What's more, on the coastal zone, you can relax surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature, plunging into complete silence and blessed solitude. Here, you feel how impetuous and unpredictable our life is. You start to appreciate every second, keeping the best moments in memory and on photos.


I love Lac d'Annecy in April when it is still pretty quiet and deserted, but already warm enough for a beach holiday. At this time, you can wear a swimsuit and enjoy the pleasant sunrays. By the way, it will be actual to note for girls that body is one of the leading fashion discoveries of this season. This outfit perfectly combines sexuality and sophistication. The body won't only hide the possible flaws but will also advantageously demonstrate the dignity of your figure while allowing you to feel confident and protected as it is not underwear.


Being aware of this fashion trend, the main heroine of this post, Tanya, decided to organize a photo session in the body on the shore of Lac d'Annecy. The classic black bodysuit, fishnet pantyhose, and lacquered leopard-print heels have favorably emphasized the figure of the girl, focusing on the lines of her legs and hips. To comply with the natural style of the photoshoot, Tanya dissolved her long hair and did a minimal nude makeup. Tenderness and passion in one bottle.


With their natural texture, a small wooden bridge, which Tanya was standing on, and a parapet made of stone perfectly fit the overall image. The blurred lake acted as a stunning background. A real discovery for us was a very old tree with massive bare roots called Sycamore. People call it "shameless" because, in the heat, the tree exfoliates the bark, exposing smooth wood that resembles a female body. We considered this location to be symbolic for a photo session in the body.


To feel like stars from Vogue, contemporary beauties do not have to be professional models. Each girl and woman is unique, admirable and beautiful in her natural manifestation. And with this street style photo session at Lac d'Annecy, gentle and charming Tanya proved this opinion.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.