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Stas & Anastasia

Holidays in Paris are an excellent solution for a couple in love defacto. But if you diversify the trip with a stylish love story photo session in Paris, then this will become an absolutely perfect pastime. And most importantly, you won’t leave the world capital of romance empty-handed; you’ll bring the professional shots with the most unforgettable moments of vacation.


My clients, Stas and Anastasia, have planned to organize a photo shoot in Paris, inviting me as a photographer. Pre-ordering the shooting allowed the guys to prepare thoroughly for this quite important event. Their images were in an authentic French manner - a combination of sophisticated classics and restrained minimalism. Stas appeared in an elongated cashmere coat of coal color, and Anastasia, in contrast to her husband, chose an elegant powdery trench coat and complemented the outfit with a trendy cap. Eventually, the couple looked very harmoniously and stylish.


The photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower can be deservedly called the gold standard for love stories. The majestic arches of the Iron Lady, known to us for many years from the TV screens and magazines, attract lovers like a magnet. Stas and Anastasia also could not wait for a real meeting with it. Under the rays of the rising sun, I wanted to draw a picture of their couple standing on the background of the tower. So appealing and tender scene of love unfolded in front of my eyes at that moment.


On the Trocadero steps and in the lower park, we took a series of romantic photos, and even the turned-off fountains did not become an obstacle. On the contrary, the quiet water surface in the pool reflected the Eiffel Tower and the silhouette of the hugging Stas and Anastasia, which created an incredibly beautiful effect.


The show must go on! And our photoshoot in Paris only gained momentum. As one says, in good company time flies. So in the company of this amazing couple in love, we quietly got to the second location of the photoshoot - the well-known and loved by everyone Louvre.


In the Louvre, everything is perfect: museum architecture, decorative glass pyramids in the courtyard of Napoleon, one of which, by the way, serves as the entrance to the museum, an adjacent park with labyrinths from hedges and wooden benches. It has its unique atmosphere, woven from the notes of magnificence (probably due to its rich history), an architectural masterpiece, and serenity.

Stepping into the territory of the Louvre, you seem to tear away from the real world with all its concerns and immerse into the wonderful world of art. In the shots with Stas and Anastasia, you can instantly catch this magic of the Louvre. It can be read in their calm and deep looks, relaxed poses, and boundless fascination with the moment. How wonderful it would be if we have the same careless mood as in the walls of the Louvre in our everyday life!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.