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Bee & Kelly

Holidays in Paris are one of the most attractive vacation options for people from all over the world. Tourists fly to Paris from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and, of course, from Asian countries. Even citizens of beloved by all exotic Thailand once decide to make such a long trip to the capital of France instead of basking in the sunshine on their luxurious “bounty” beaches.


What is the magic of Paris? In fact, such a journey will be remembered for a lifetime, since it’s much more than just plunging into the atmosphere of a historical old city with elegant architecture and the legendary Eiffel Tower. It’s about feeling the unique aura of romance and love and discovering new facets of your relationships. And a love story photoshoot in Paris as a part of this fantastic experience will bring not only a lot of positive emotions and impressions but also fascinating pictures for long memory.


A couple of travelers from Thailand addressed me with such an idea, for whom holidays in Paris became an alternative to a beach vacation with a pleasant addition in the form of a photoshoot. Bee and Kelly are very stylish and charming lovers whose couple can be described with just one word “harmony.” Harmony in everything: appearance, style, outlook on life, and glances at each other. Looking at them, you unwittingly begin to believe in fate and clearly understand the expression “two halves of one whole.”


It was an obvious decision to start a photoshoot near the Eiffel Tower as it’s hard to come up with a more harmonious location for Bee and Kelly than the Iron Lady with her perfect arches. On that background, their picture of love was breathtaking, like a scene from a melodrama. And the white traces of the planes flying away into the distance, like celestial painting, added a fairy note to the composition.


The Palais Royal was the next point of our photoshoot in Paris. I love taking pictures on the square of this former royal palace, decorated with impressive black and white columns because the images taken here express a certain chic, jocosity, and carelessness. Getting the Palais Royal, you seem to be returning to childhood for a while and rejoice like a child.


In the end, we headed to the Louvre, which is one of the most beautiful, unusual, and vast photo locations of the city. The photoshoot in Louvre extends from shots near the glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon to the infinitely long facades of the museum and the magnificent evergreen garden with labyrinths from the hedge. There, Bee and Kelly managed to truly enjoy the moment, even though the shooting was in progress. They were enjoying every second of that wonderful day, admiring the beauty of Paris. In turn, Paris admired their beauty and the beauty of their love.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.