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Sergey & Anastasia

In order not to waste time on organizational moments and delay a wedding trip, you can go on a honeymoon right after the official marriage. In the literal sense, immediately - from the registry office to the airport. Such a spontaneous journey can turn into a real adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime.


My clients, Sergey and Anastasia, are a fantastic example for people who have the appetite for improvisation. They were the first newlyweds I've ever met who arrived in another country in wedding clothes immediately after the ceremony held at homeland. In their case, the route was Kyiv - Paris. I tried to make their wedding day truly memorable and authentic by organizing an immediate photoshoot in Paris.


Having met with newlyweds, without wasting a single second, we went to the most traditional and solemn place in the French capital - Trocadero Square, where the elegant Eiffel Tower is flaunting. The lovers were standing on the square as if towering over the city. It seemed that they were alone in the whole world, and time stopped to watch their enchanting love story. 


We went down the stairs to the garden located at the foot of the tower, where an incredibly festive atmosphere was reigning. The fountains were playing the melody of the wedding march, inviting Sergey and Anastasia to the wedding dance. And indeed, that photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower could be compared to a waltz: it was the same gentle, light, romantic and affecting.


I thought it would be symbolic to lead the couple along Pont d'Iéna which connects Trocadero with the right bank. It was like a road to their bright future together. They were standing on the spacious and carefree embankment, happy and full of love, and sweetly finished their solitary wedding celebration with notes of French champagne and, of course, a sweet kiss.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.