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Alexander & Marina

“They looked at each other so deeply and sensually that entire Paris got quiet and admired them,” - with this phrase I would like to start a story about a wonderful couple of newlyweds, Alexander and Marina, who arrived in the capital of France to celebrate the most romantic holiday of their life. After all, a wedding is not only one day of an official celebration but a period when you want to spend time only together. And since Alexander and Marina were in Europe then, they decided to diversify their journey with a wedding photoshoot in Paris and turned to me for professional help.


It’s difficult to come up with a more suitable location for a wedding photo session than the Trocadero Square which offers the most grandiose and full view of the Eiffel Tower. When you see a beautiful, sophisticated bride, like Marina, in a tender and flowing wedding dress, and a courageous groom, like Alexander, in a classic black suit with a white shirt and tie, a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower is what you need. The main attraction of the city fits perfectly into the concept of wedding photos, giving them a certain charm and even a sense of magic. Love is pure magic, you know.


We took a series of stunning pictures on the square when Alexander and Marina, holding their hands and looking at each other, stepped forward, as if into their new happy family life. The Eiffel Tower, with its powerful arch, very symbolically conveyed all the strength and depth of their feelings. And by sitting on the parapet, we demonstrated that with male support, a woman will always feel more protected and reliable.


After that we went down the stairs to the summer garden, where I photographed the lovers among variegated greenery and blooming flower beds, thus, enriching our photoshoot in Paris with more vivid colors and emotions. We followed the path to the vast fountain near the Eiffel Tower, whose jets vigorously towered above us, which became an excellent solemn background for wedding photographs. It really could be called the apogee of beauty and romance.


To continue such a traditional photo session, we went to the Louvre, no less famous and visited attraction of Paris than the Trocadero Square with Iron Lady. Here, every corner of the museum and the surrounding area is saturated with the spirit of history and even some mysticism. And the glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon is a favorite place for photography for all tourists. We could not refuse such pleasure and also made took spectacular shots in front of the pyramid. It seemed to connect heaven and earth, and Marina and Alexander were standing at the epicenter of such a fantastic scene.


During a walk and photoshoot at the Louvre, you can find everything that visitors to Paris come for: magnificent architectural solutions and historical buildings in the Baroque and Art Nouveau style, the mysterious aura of the museum, a spacious green park and, of course, the feeling that you are in the very center of Europe. Although this place is continuously crowded and life is in full swing here, I managed to create very intimate and secluded photos for Marina and Alexander, where “they looked at each other so deeply and sensually that entire Paris got quiet and admired them..”


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.