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Nicho, Septi and boys

It's difficult to imagine a city that has seen so many ecstatic children's and parental views than Paris. After all, this is truly a fabulous place where you feel the atmosphere of magic on every corner. Disneyland, blooming parks, old museums, a glass pyramid and, of course, the Eiffel Tower - the list goes on and on, along with every point on the map.


That is why the capital of France can be considered an ideal choice for a family holiday if you want to allow your child and yourself to become the heroes of a real fairy tale. A photo session in Paris will be an excellent addition to your trip so that memories of moments of magic and childish sincere happiness remain inside you for many years.


My clients from Indonesia, Nicho, Septi, and their sons went on such a fantastic journey. This wonderful young family immediately evoked an echo in my heart; so positive and cheerfulness they were. In the first minutes of our meeting, I realized that 'we'd have a very cheerful and dynamic family photo session in Paris. We shared and discussed so many exciting ideas that I was looking forward to taking the first frame.


Traditions are permanent: the beginning of a photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower is already the visiting card of photographers in Paris. To diversify the typical picture of shooting on the Trocadero Square, we chose Pont de Bir-Hakeim as a scene, as it offers an equally stunning but more unique view of the tower.


Together, holding their hands, Nicho, Septi and their sons were standing in the center of the bridge on the background of the Iron Lady. The photos taken in this location, as for me, resemble the cover for some music album. Probably, this was due to the stylish images of the guys. Nicho and the boys put on white shirts with short sleeves and shorts of different shades of beige, and Septi appeared in a dress of the same color and a straw hat. Sunglasses were their common accessory. I really like it when families pick up looks in a specific style because it creates the impression that they are a single whole. Having made a series of individual and joint photos on the bridge, we set off to conquer other parts of Paris.


Palais Royal. I noticed that children especially love this place. For them, this palace & park ensemble is not associated with a landmark of historical significance. Modern architectural solutions in the form of black and white columns attract them much more. And 'it's not surprising. You can climb on the columns and become even higher than your parents. A family walk through the Palais Royal can turn into an exciting game, so do not be afraid that your child will be bored while you study the history of Paris. Nicho, Septi and their sons are clear evidence of this.


But 'it's unlikely that something will interest and delight your child so much as the Louvre, even if you do not go inside. Particularly, the entrance to it, represented by a huge glass pyramid, and the park surrounding the museum. Here you find yourself in some unique dimension, where the history of past centuries and innovations, nature and art created by man intersect. Together with Nicho, Septi and the children, we organized a photo session at the Louvre, walking through the labyrinth park and near the pyramid. It's so cool when your family album is filled with such pictures!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.