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Dima & Rita

A happy couple in love — that’s about Dima and Rita, who went on a trip to the most romantic place on earth. And after the love story photoshoot in Paris, their love and happiness knew no bounds at all. What so magical has happened during the photo session? Are you intrigued?


It was a typical day in July, filled with the warmth of the sun and the singing of birds. The endless blue sky was cloudless. On such a radiant transparent background, the main beauty of the capital, the Eiffel Tower, looked exceptionally elegantly and majestically. Apparently, it has already known that for Dima and Rita, it would be a day of special significance.


Silence reigned on the Trocadero square, so we completely plunged into the exciting atmosphere of a photoshoot in Paris. The whole city froze to observe what was happening. Rita appeared as a stylish lady in an elegant dress of the mocha color, and I saw a fantastic combination of her inner female tenderness and fire. Keeping up with the times and fashion, to match his girlfriend, Dima put on a white polo and light shorts in a casual style. Their pair looked very harmonious and catchy. Sparks of passion kindled the flame of love and adoration in their views.


Every corner of the Trocadero Square, the blooming park at the foot of the tower and the steps leading to it, has felt the strength and sincerity of Dima’s and Rita’s feelings. They walked endearingly along the green paths, holding their hands, and enjoyed the beauty of central Paris from high, sitting on the parapet. The fateful moment of this photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower was coming on. And only Dima and I knew about it.


The Iron Lady signaled with a wave of her wand, and dozens of fountains started dancing to the Mendelssohn’s march. Rita, who was unaware of this surprise, was observing this incredible water orchestra while Dima was preparing for the most romantic action in his life. Holding the camera lens at the ready, I began to count on the inside: “One second, two, three ...” and then the girl turned back. It’s hard for me to put all of her emotions and impressions into words when she saw the cherished picture: her beloved man was standing on one knee with a wedding ring in his hand.


A marriage proposal in Paris will not leave indifferent any girl, especially if she already has no doubt in her heart. “Yes!” — Rita exclaimed happily even before Dima dared to ask a thrilling question. Instead of a thousand words, questions, and answers, their strong hugs and kisses connected A to B.


The fountains solemnly met the lovers in their new chapter of life, and the Eiffel Tower personally congratulated Rita on such a significant event as a proposal in Paris.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.