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Is it possible to find a more suitable place to create stylish shots than the capital of France, with its alluring streets and elegant architecture? With this in mind, my client Leisan addressed to me to organize a fashion photo session in Paris.


The girl used the help of a stylist who prepared for her a series of stunning images for street style in Paris. We started shooting in the early morning in August in La Defense, a modern business and residential area in the near suburbs. It is considered to be the largest business center of the whole Europe, and inhabitants also call it “Parisian Manhattan”.


We chose this district not by chance. Leisan wanted to present a space style, so to portray her on the background of innovative and, in some way, even fantastic locations seemed like a great idea. Paris is famous for its architectural impressionism, and La Grande Arche de la Fraternite is a brilliant confirmation of this. This arch is truly unique due to its non-standard form: a huge cube measuring 112m x 108m x 110m. Strict minimalism is an ideal design concept for this construction; you can hardly find extra elements there. Only a lonely “Cloud” stand adorns the emptiness inside the cube. This work of art has no analogues in the world.

Preparation of the image for a photo shoot in Paris turned out to be a truly interesting process. The stylist chose an outfit for Leisan, consisting of snow-white flared trousers at hip-level, high heel boots of the same color, a metallic blouse with a hood, and a transparent windbreaker. White-rimmed glasses and plastic earrings became a bright accent in this ultra-modern look. In front of glass, concrete, and metal, Leisan looked like a space alien, a guest from the future.


The next image proposed by the stylist continued the cosmic theme. Leisan dressed in spacious silver pants and a white sweatshirt with a hood. Geometric earrings were replaced with massive silver ones with Swarovski crystals. When removing the glasses, the girl directed a serious and thoughtful look to the camera lens that fully corresponded to her role.


A photo session with a stylist in Paris is a fascinating event, filled with unexpected solutions and delight. Throughout all costume transformations, Leisan’s stylist managed to maintain a single cosmic style and a harmonious color gamut. In the third outlet, the model presented a business image consisting of a shortened beige jacket, white golf, straight-cut leather trousers with a wide belt and sophisticated accessories, black narrow glasses in cat-eyes style and plastic earrings shaped like an uneven oval. In this image, Leisan demonstrated a possible office style of the end of the 21st century.


Our productive street style photo shoot in Paris came to an end but thoughts and ideas for further work appeared in my mind a year ahead. Our alliance turned out to be very inspiring, especially due to the assistance of a professional stylist. All parties of such a creative experiment managed to realize their full potential and, as the result, gave the world of fashion and beauty fantastic photographic materials.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.