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Harry & Kia

People come to France from all over the globe, and it's nice to work with multinational tourists who give me the opportunity to plunge into their culture, ideology, and values. This time, my clients were an amazing Latin American couple, Harry and Kia, who decided to store their impressions of the trip through the unforgettable photo shoot in Paris.


Their happy faces reflect the great power of love becoming stronger and purer over the years. In Harry's eyes, one can read the deep care for his lovely woman, while Kia’s appearance conveys the boundless tenderness to her beloved man. This romantic picture acquired a special charm thanks to the beautiful places in Paris.


We met early in the morning in August, when the summer sun was no longer so hot and bright; In this season, the sunlight gives photos a soft golden shade and crystallinity. Starting a photo session in the Louvre was an excellent idea, as the legendary art museum and the glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon are a chic scenery for the love story photo shoot in Paris. Here, you can perfectly depict the sincerity of love and the depth of feelings through soft embraces and kisses.


To extend this spirit of romance, we decided to continue the photo session at the Palais Royal, the former royal palace of the capital city. Its tall colonnades and the original facade were ideal for Harry and Kia, because in this location, we managed to demonstrate a maturity, and, at the same time, youthful love of their couple.


Paris is not only about beautiful streets and attractions, but also about incredibly tasty food, so we did not miss the opportunity to enjoy traditional croissants with a cup of coffee in a cozy establishment. Combination of a business with pleasure is a significant quality of a good photographer, so the breakfast process was a part of a photo session in the Parisian cafe. Photos taken in the courtyard of the cafe embody a home warmth and family idyll.


Well-fed and contented, we went to the final point of our mini-trip, which always attracts and admires passers-by. Pont Alexandre III is a construction connecting not only the two banks of the Seine but also the loving hearts. From different angles, with a view of the river, near the cast-iron lanterns, on the background of the Eiffel Tower, I took a series of stunning frames for Harry and Kia during this photo shoot on Pont Alexandre III.


Each place in Paris seems to hint at love, but in the case of Harry and Kia, this is not a hint, but a direct evidence to the fact that life is created for love and care for each other. They became an inspiring example of a bright burning fire of love for me, and I believe that in their couple, this fire will never go out!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.