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James & Zapora

As my experience of being a photographer in France showed, autumn is one of the most prosperous times of the year for a photo shoot in Paris, especially, the period of October. Paris in October is decorated with a riot of fiery-red leaves covering all parks and streets, amazing soft light and clear sky, and the unexpectedly changing weather. In addition to the charming game of nature, a relative peace and tranquility reign there, because October is almost the lowest tourist season in the capital of France.


One of these fine days, a couple in love, James and Zapora, addressed to me to create a strikingly beautiful and exciting love story photo shoot in Paris on the legendary bridge. Pont Alexandre III connects two banks of the Seine in the very heart of the capital. Its unique location allowed me to simultaneously capture in the frame the Eiffel Tower. Today, this arch bridge is the famous sight of Paris. Although its unique design embodies several architectural styles, the bridge is still considered to be a vivid example of the eclectic Beaux-Arts style, whose name is translated from French as “fine arts”. It is not surprising that Pont Alexandre III is called the most elegant of all eighteen bridges in the French capital. From the first frames, we found we made a proper decision when choosing this location for our shooting. Just look at how beautiful the moment of approaching the bridge, taken from the back, is!

That morning, the weather was truly wonderful, with light and golden sunlight. Since it was already the height of fall, James wore a navy blue overcoat, a black turtleneck, and navy dress pants to emphasize the unity of his attire. Zapora was dressed in a long black skirt with a lot of flounces, creating the effect of complexity and layering of a thin fabric, translucent leopard golf, and a black leather jacket. Tenderly holding hands and looking at each other, James and Zapora were standing on the river bank against the background of the bridge. It is worth noting that their pair is gorgeous and photogenic. After that, I took a few individual shots. Zapora, while shooting alone, looked like a femme fatale, but together with James, she appeared as a cute girl in love.


Then we walked across the bridge, with a strong belief that lovers who have passed through this bridge would strengthen their relationship. Lonely people also often come here in the hope to find their soul mate. It is also believed that any wish made in the evening, standing in the middle of the bridge, comes true very quickly. Pont Alexandre III is surrounded by angels who "see" the soul of each person and help to fulfill his / her dream. I think each of us made a cherished desire at that moment, and the magic of the bridge will support us in its implementation.

At the last minute of our meeting, I noticed how much James and Zapora were imbued with the spirit of romanticism of this place, and I, in turn, recharged my batteries with incredibly positive energy, as it happens only when working with sincere couples in love.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.