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Egor & Victoria

Young and stylish, in love and with burning hearts, — a meeting with such debonair clients enriched my working October season in Paris. From the first seconds, I observed the striking external similarity between them, and a strong belief in destiny filled my heart. The fact is, sooner or later the fate connects us with our soulmates, who repeat our external and internal features, and we find ourselves reflected in them. A couple of Egor and Victoria is a brilliant confirmation of this truth.


The guys visited the very heart of Europe not only in search of new impressions and adventures but also to mark their trip with a romantic photo session in Paris. For this purpose, they chose a truly ideal time, since, in October, the capital of France is famous for its mild and warm climate, as well as for the incredible beautiful unison of nature and architecture.


In the early autumn weather, you can create a trendy outfit, highlighting the image with outerwear and a hat, for example, as Victoria did. Over white silk blouse, leather leggings and shoes, the girl wore a short drape jacket of rich red color and this year’s trendy сap with a golden chain. In that way, Victoria could have been considered as a model that had just come off the fashion week stage. To match his bride, Egor dressed in a stylish black drape coat and tied a scarf around his neck. Awesome combination!


All couples in love, as if mysterious magic guides them, choose the Eiffel Tower as an indispensable location for a love story photo shoot in Paris. No matter how many couples I shoot on the background of the main attraction of the city, every time we get unique pictures embodying the individuality of each love union, as it happened in the case of Egor and Victoria. During the photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, these young lovers amazed me with the depth and strength of their feelings, which many mature couples can envy, but at the same time, without losing their naughty flame and childish tenderness in their eyes.


When walking around the Iron Lady, we crossed the Trocadero Square, walked along Passerelle Debilly, took a walk in the garden and visited a small amusement park with a children's carousel. In each of these places, we made a series of tender, and somewhere passionate, pictures with a view of the Eiffel Tower. It is amazing that this photo session was full of sincere kisses and hugs, and I wish that in the life of Egor and Victoria, there were as many of such romantic moments as possible!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.