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Herman & Maria

A beautiful couple in love, Herman, and Maria, decided to go on a long-awaited romantic journey to the historical center of Europe and turned to me for organizing a love story photo shoot in Paris as they could not leave this unforgettable event without visual memory.


We met on a quiet overcast November morning, knowingly expecting a little rain. The cherished dream of travelers was unshakable and, although the weather was trying to make adjustments to our plans, we went to the first shooting point - Pont de Bir-Hakeim. Its construction connects the right-bank President Kennedy Avenue, Île aux Cygnes, and Le Musée du Quai Branly. The main uniqueness of the bridge is its two-level installation. The upper level is occupied by subway cars, while the lower one is designed for automobiles and pedestrians. Also, Pont de Bir-Hakeim has a pretty interesting location: it opens lovely views of the Seine, including a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Due to such a picturesque image, this bridge has served as a location for numerous films and clips. What is interesting, being made of metal, it does not look bulky. On the contrary, its appearance is exceptionally light. The upper part of the bridge is based on thin, elegant columns, illuminated by very stylish lanterns. All these features make Bir-Hakeim one of the most exciting examples of Post Eiffel architecture. Near its lower cast-iron supports, we took the first shots.


The lovers appeared in a street style image, with a note of romanticism. Maria wore a soft pink silk dress, high suede boots, and a burgundy cashmere coat, while Herman combined classic gray trousers with a black shirt and a dark mustard coat. Together they looked very cute and harmoniously, especially on the background of such famous sights. A fine drizzling rain played into our hands: Maria’s wet hair added a note of tenderness and naturalism to the pictures. After we took a few fascinating photos on the bridge and near it, we decided to pay more attention to a photo session at the Eiffel Tower, and therefore, we headed to the Trocadero Square.


Everyone who has come to Paris at least once and even those who prefer to avoid the tourist crowdy places have visited this point since from the Trocadero, you can see the most recognizable view of the “Iron Lady.”


A walk in the rain was a real pleasure. When investigating the narrow streets of Paris, every second we wanted to stop and capture delightful lines of the rainy city. However, we hurried, because Maria and Herman were so impatient to see the famous Notre Dame de Paris, known to them, first of all, thanks to the novel by Victor Hugo, whose aim was to make people love the cathedral again. And he did it. This building can not leave you indifferent; it conquers at first sight with its grandeur and monumentality.


Even though November reigned then, the park was full of greenery, which added liveliness and natural warmth to the photos. Having enjoyed the legendary views of the cathedral, we returned to our walk around the districts of Paris, stopping at the most remarkable locations. After the rain, the capital looked fantastic and very fresh. In some places, the remaining golden yellow leaves were gleaming wetly, thereby creating a vivid decorative effect.


When looking through the photos, the frame on the bridge, where the Seine was so slowly flowing below us, grabbed our attention as if it says that all good things end sooner or later, the same as with our photo session. However, the fact that we all kept the memory of this amazing meeting in our souls and on the pictures cheered us up!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.