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Andrew & Trish

Perhaps, every man sooner or later wonders how to propose marriage to a beloved woman so that it becomes a vivid and memorable event in their lives. My client from America, Andrew, faced the same situation. He came to Paris for the New Year holidays with his companion Trish, who did not know that such a wonderful surprise awaited for her and that in a few hours, she would hear the cherished phrase of love at the foot of the capital’s most romantic sight. To keep this fantastic moment in memory for many years, Andrew turned to me to organize a love story photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower.


On that December day, the city met travelers with cool embraces, but despite this, for shooting, Trish chose a rich emerald-colored velvet dress, and Andrew wore a classic smoky jacket, and a bow tie to match the bride’s dress, refreshing the image with stylish jeans. I did not know if the girl guessed about the upcoming proposal in Paris, but her face was lit up with a happy smile from the very morning.


We could not help but stopped on the famous steps leading to the tower and took some amazing shots on the background of the main symbol of love. Even in December, in Paris, you can find a lot of greenery, coniferous trees, evenly trimmed lawns, and cut shrubs. Due to this, the landscape doesn’t appear gray and dull, which is typical for non-snow winter photo sessions. Looking at Trish and Andrew, whose faces were happily shining, and the surrounding beauty of nature, which was blossoming and rejoicing together with the lovers, the feeling of the winter presence disappeared in a tick. The rising sun illuminated the Eiffel Tower with golden hues, which gave the frame an extra romance and luxury.


In such a good mood, we went to the central Trocadero square, which opens the most famous and impressive view of the “Iron Lady.” Typically, inexperienced tourists immediately book an excursion or go to the Eiffel Tower independently, eventually becoming disappointed with a faded look of a “piece of iron with bolts” on closer inspection. When getting to the Trocadero square, you can see the tower in all its glory, as shown in movies and magazines. It was here that Andrew asked Trish to be his wife, quiveringly staying on one knee. In Trish's eyes, anxiety shot for a second, after which a wave of happiness covered her from head to toe, and, of course, she said “Yes!”. That was not the end of our walk, and we moved on to share our joy with the entire Paris. I took pretty colorful and exciting pictures near the hanging carousel. Also, preparation for the Christmas holidays was in full swing, and the lovers wanted to make a symbolic photo at the Christmas tree, which hurried to put on its snow-white holiday outfit.


By this moment, the sun rose above the horizon, pouring the warm light all around, and we approached the Pont d'Iéna, connecting the Trocadero with the right bank. On such a symbolic background of the bridge, Andrew and Trish strengthened their union with a tender kiss, which seemed to connect their hearts forever.


After such love story photo shoots, a note of joy always plays in my heart, and I’m so happy that people from all over the world trust me to be a part of such important events in their lives like engagement in Paris!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.