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In childhood, girls are fascinated by the Disney cartoons about princesses, royal castles, and romantic love stories. "If only I could get into this magical world, wear the same luxurious ball gown, and be surrounded by stunningly beautiful royal scenery. What a pity that fairy tales are just fairy tales, and it's impossible to become a princess in reality ..."- such bittersweet dreams arise in the hearts of small spectators.


And so the years go by. The harsh reality of adulthood dispels a child's utopia. At such a moment, Paris can burst into your life and change all your ideas about the impossible things. The acquaintance with the capital of France can return to the warm moments of childhood and prove that everything in this world is possible. And if you organize a photoshoot in Paris, you can even become the main character of your favorite fairy tale. In such a fantastic way, my client Eve turned her walk through the most famous city of romance into a photo story about how one can become a real princess in real life.


We initially agreed with Eve that her individual photoshoot in Paris would be done in the style of exquisite romanticism. For this, the girl picked up an airy ivory chiffon dress to the floor, with an open back and decorated with flowers and beads. Instead of elaborate hairstyles, Eva preferred loose hair with light curls. This image emphasized the delicate nature of the girl and made up a real Disney concept.


What place could fit a street style photoshoot in Paris with Eve better than Pont Alexandre III? To match the image of the princess, the royally luxurious location was needed. Performed with golden sculptures and lanterns, Pont Alexandre III is striking in its grandeur. And the columns with mythical animals standing on the dam are riddled with some magic. Amazingly fabulous aura reigns in this legendary place and Eve dressed in the exquisite outfit looked very harmoniously in the center of the frame. The cool breeze of the Seine fluttered her dress, and the height of the bridge did not cause fear.


Yes, children's dreams have the property to come true after many years, when you no longer expect this. But as the example of Eve shows, the main thing is to believe, and then even the most incredible dreams one day will become your reality.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.