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Ricardo & Mariam

When you live in Spain, a light-hearted country of eternal sun, being surrounded by tropical palm trees and sea landscapes, you may sometimes want to plunge into the atmosphere of urban architectural sophistication and intimate romance for two. A trip to Paris in winter is ideal for such a pastime.


So my clients, Ricardo and Maryam, decided to visit the capital of France in January when the air temperature is significantly lower than in Spain. If luck smiles, you can even see trees powdered with snow. And the daylight under the arch of a clear but cold sky creates a surprisingly beautiful color gamut for photos. Ricardo and Mariam could not miss such a terrific opportunity as an organization of a winter love story photoshoot in Paris.


To reveal the charm of the city on full, I suggested that we take a walk along the historic streets, from where the view of the Eiffel Tower opens, no less impressive than from the main observation point - Trocadero Square. On the background of elegant residential buildings with open carved balconies, the tower looked particularly gracefully and romantic. Holding their hands, the lovers gently kissed, complementing the picture with the warm colors of love.


Also, for a winter photoshoot in Paris, especially if it is a photoshoot near the Eiffel Tower, I recommend visiting Jardins du Trocadero, which is located at the foot of the Iron Lady. From there, the tower amazes with its grandeur and emits a magical glow from the sunlight penetrating it. But it is worth considering that such a unique sight can be observed only in the early morning before the sun reaches its zenith.


Moreover, in Jardins du Trocadero, there is a children's carousel, and blooming fluffy Christmas trees, which add an absolute fabulousness to the shots and evoke a real New Year mood. In such a lovely location, Ricardo and Mariam seemed to become the heroes of a fairy tale, whose love knows no obstacles and is capable of melting ice.


At the end of our photoshoot in Paris, we went to the Seine embankment, where the ambiance was especially cozy and carefree. They were looking at each other so passionately and fondly, that even the Eiffel Tower froze in amazement, admiring them from above.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.