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Egor & Catherine

I’ve been working as a photographer in Paris for more than five years and can confidently say that this city is beautiful at any time of year and in any weather. Even if it rains and the grayness fills every corner, you can still find great locations presenting the capital of France in all its glory, and my clients, Egor and Catherine, have proven this statement. The guys chose quite a cold season to create a love story photo shoot in Paris - January, but the frost reigning outside didn’t stop us, due to the warm clothes and high spirits.


We decided to start a photo session from the Île de la Cité, located in the center of the Seine. Historically, Paris originated exactly here. The Celtic tribes who came to this territory in the 3rd century BCT were the first inhabitants of the island. In the end, the name of one of these tribes, “Parisii,” gave the title to the new city. It’s also interesting that the neighboring island, Île Saint-Louis, was a swampy pasture but today it’s the district with the most expensive mansions.


Without any doubts, Notre-Dame de Paris is the main attraction on the Île de la Cité, so we hurried there. Heading towards the cathedral, we succumbed to the charm of the wonderful views opened from the bridge and took the first shots. Also, on our way, we stopped in the picturesque alleys to enrich the collection of photos with unique romantic paints of Paris. When we finally reached the Notre-Dame de Paris, the sun had already risen and lit up this magnificent architectural work with a warm light. To our joy, there were a few tourists that day, which allowed us to choose the most comfortable and beautiful angles for the photo session near Notre-Dame.


Being inspired by such a good start of shooting, we headed to the aforementioned neighboring island, Île Saint-Louis, which is deservedly considered one of the most romantic areas and favorite places of Parisians. Here you can see tall houses lined up on narrow streets, in the warm season, green rows of trees along embankments, as well as a church, a school, numerous cafes, and interesting shops. It seems that Saint-Louis is separated from the rest of Paris; so magical atmosphere reigns on this island. It appears as an oasis, almost unaffected by the turbulent years of coups and revolutions. A beautiful couple of Egor and Catherine looked very harmoniously in this place.

The final point of our journey was Le Marais, whose charm is difficult to overestimate. It is an abode of architectural wonders and museums, which experienced tourists avidly describe in their reviews. The Place des Vosges, located here, is the oldest planned square in Paris and one of the finest in the city. It is decorated with a classic park with well-kept lawns and old trees. The center of the square is occupied by Square Louis XIII, where you can see the equestrian statue of the monarch (restored after the revolution) and enjoy how a small fountain plays with drops while sitting on a cozy bench. Victor Hugo was among numerous famous personalities who fell in love with the Place des Vosges. In house number 6, where he wrote the major part of his novel "Les Miserables," now you can visit the Victor Hugo Museum. During the walk around the square, we completely dissolved in its unusual atmosphere, and the fountain turned off for the winter as if symbolically stopped the time around us.


Looking at the happy faces of Egor and Catherine, I felt how tender and sincere their love is, and imagined for a second how wonderful it would be to shoot their wedding photo session in Paris in the future.


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.