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Bora & Elif

Bora and Elif are a gorgeous young couple from Turkey who decided to strengthen their love by getting married in Europe. Despite the natural richness and beauty of their native land, the idea to organize a wedding photo shoot in Paris, in its most romantic corners, seemed to them more attractive and unusual. I’ve made maximum efforts to ensure that the newlyweds will keep this event in memory all the years of their life.


On that momentous morning in January, we began a photo shoot near the Eiffel Tower, because you can hardly find a more suitable location for such a holiday of love than the Eiffel’s masterpiece. The cold January sun was illuminating the tower with shining rays, and the view opening from the Trocadero Square impressed with its grandeur. The lovers were holding hands, gently looking at each other, and the magnificent tower silently and solemnly gazed at them from the height of heaven, as if blessing their union for many happy years.


Since that morning was quite cold, Bora wore a classic black cashmere coat over his wedding tuxedo, and Elif put a bride's pearl fur coat on a luxurious wedding dress. While we were choosing the most successful angles, the rising sun filled us up with its warmth, and the newlyweds took off their outer clothing. This made it possible to fully show their incredible festive attire: a designer lace dress of Elif and an elegant tuxedo with bowtie of Bora.


This Turkish couple is so beautiful and photogenic that it was a great pleasure for me to work with them, extremely easy and merrily. Having taken several shots on the steps and parapet, we went to the park belonging to the square. I am really delighted that due to the mild climate and human efforts, this park is always green (when there is no snow, of course), which makes photos bright and vivid. We were so enthusiastic about shooting and walking in the park, that even did not notice how we reached the Louvre.


The facets of a glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon were glittering in the sun and mirroring in the wet asphalt. This shimmering effect looked great in the pictures. In search of the most abandoned places, we headed to the nice garden next to the Louvre. Here, among the living green hedges with the museum on the background, we managed to create the impression of complete solitude, and Bora with Elif released their most romantic emotions, which you can feel on the photographs.


The next point of our walking photo session in Paris was the Palais-Royal. Once, the construction of this palace, initiated by “gray” Cardinal Richelieu, caused the envy of the king; so scaleable and grand it was. To appease the monarch, Richelieu, after his death, transferred his residence to possession of the king. Currently, the Palais-Royal daily hosts in its walls and courtyard thousands of curious travelers who want to get acquainted with the real history of France — a palace that has seen a lot, but, despite all changes, remained majestic and beautiful. This place is overcrowded on weekends, but we were lucky to enjoy rest and quiet on the day of the photo shoot. Probably, the changeable weather with a little rain made many residents and tourists reject the plan to visit this sight, that only benefited us, because everything around looked so pure and shining.


For the final pictures, we went to the “spiritual heart of Paris,” Notre-Dame de Paris, once sung by V. Hugo. In this place, you plunge into the atmosphere of charm and mysterious energy, and the faithful companions of the cathedral, pigeons, are the eighth note of certain magic reigning here.


Having visited the most famous and exciting locations, finally, we decided to walk along the streets of the capital, sharing our impressions of this full and positive day, which became one of the most important days in the lives of Bora and Elif. My heart overfilled with genuine joy when I heard that the photographs exceeded all their expectations, and they would come to Paris more than once to take new family photos. I wish them a happy and rich-in-love future together!


Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.