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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Yuri & Natalia

What could be more amazing than walking around magnificent historical sites? What could be more interesting than working with outstanding people? For a photographer in Paris, it’s hard to imagine something more exciting and inspiring than organizing a photo session for a wonderful couple in love in the most beautiful corners of the capital especially if this photo shoot has a wedding format.

I managed to combine a pleasant promenade and fascinating creative cooperation during my meeting with Yuri and Natalia. The guys addressed to me to perpetuate their marriage alliance by a memorable wedding photo session in Paris. Yuri could even be confused with a native French gentleman, and Natalia with a princess from the Palace of Fontainebleau — so amazing their images were.

From the first seconds, I realized that they were not ordinary tourists who wanted to take a batch of romantic pictures on the background of the Eiffel Tower. Yuri and Natalya are the real protagonists who defied the triviality and habitual symbolism of Paris. They told me that the photo session of their dreams went beyond the standard sights and sceneries. And I came up with a brilliant proposal for them.

Photo session in Montmartre! It’s one of the oldest districts of Paris, located on a hill, which history is filled with contradictions and breathtaking events. There’s talk that Montmartre got its name from the definition of “Mons Martyrium” - the hill of the martyr, devoted to the personality of Saint Dionysius from the 3rd century. During the last sermon, he was seized and beheaded on the spot of Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. There is also a more positive legend which says that in ancient times, Mercury’s and Mars’ temples were located there, and the hill was called “Mount of Mars.”

Today, the district is represented by hundreds of beautiful buildings, cozy French establishments, museums and theaters, and the magical atmosphere of creativity reigns on the streets: artists create canvases for passers-by, musicians loudly spread the sounds of violins and flutes, and actors show brilliant performances. This is one of the most impressive places in Paris, which incorporates the charm of antiquity and modern spirit.

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur can be called the heart of Montmartre, so we decided to start a photo session near its majestic facade. The beauty of this church is in its location, at the very top of the hill. On the broad steps leading to it, you can take stunning shots from a bottom angle on the background of the basilica. The most exciting thing is waiting for you at the very top. Incredible beauty view of the entire city appears before your eyes. The large panoramic square serves as an ideal location for photos, and a low safe parapet, on which you can sit, gives pictures an effect of lightness.

The narrow streets of Montmartre seemed to have been specially created for romantic photo shoots. Here you are surrounded by low dwelling houses, beautiful shop windows, and cafes. Whatever you may say, but Parisian cafes are a separate kind of art that you want to watch, study, and, of course, try. Over a cup of flavored cappuccino with a fresh French croissant, you can not only take a break but also make a series of cozy, stylish photos.

After enjoying the morning breakfast, we continued our walk along the winding roads in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, discovering new, unusual sides and not forgetting to capture the most “delicious” moments on the photos. A couple in love which chooses Montmartre for a photo shoot must visit another significant place - the Wall of Love, where we headed. This decoration was built in 2000 to give people an additional opportunity to express their sincere feelings and make a wish. About 311 declarations of love in almost all the languages of the world are depicted on this wall. Is it possible to find a more symbolic place for a wedding photo shoot than a landmark which entirely “consists of love?”

After such a bright, gentle and kind photo shoot, I would like to wish Yuri and Natalia that all 311 love languages fill their hearts, and the memory of such an important life event is preserved for many years!

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.