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Wedding in Ritz Thomas & Lucy 

With great love for the outgoing year, I want to complete my portfolio of 2019 with a magnificent wedding photoshoot in Paris, which incorporated all things that I want to wish you on the eve of the New Year. Namely, beauty in your soul and around you, happiness in the eyes of your dear ones and, of course, strong and pure love. Let all those wonderful moments that filled the wedding day of Thomas and Lucy accompany you in the new 2020 year.

It was a fantastic wedding for a very charismatic and charming couple from London. Surrounded by family and close friends, Thomas and Lucy were the main heroes of that stylish, intelligent, and moderately restrained festivity in the English manner.

As it should be, in the early morning, the bride and groom woke up in different rooms of the elite hotel, Ritz. Without losing a minute, I began a photoshoot at a hotel in Paris, capturing the most vivid and essential preparation moments. I read pleasant excitement in the eyes of Lucy. She had already met the first guests represented by her parents, who supported their daughter not only with warm words but also with a symbolic gift - a Tiffany bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant. The bride began to prepare a wedding image by wearing an elegant wedding dress with a long train and miniature shoes with exquisite bindings.

Then, I visited Thomas, who has already got ready. The groom appeared in a classic velvet suit of a chic sapphire color. His face lighted up with a joyful smile. And it was not surprising. Less than in an hour, he would see his sweetheart and utter the crucial words of love. But in the meantime, we had a little free time left for a purely male shoot together with his father.

While the main heroes of the wedding celebration were engaged in preparatory matters, the ceremonial hall was looking forward to welcoming the guests. Soon, everyone took their places and froze in anticipation. Thomas entered the room first and greeted those who came. He felt jitters, but as soon as Lucy appeared on the horizon, walking arm in arm with his father, Thomas instantly came to his senses and hastened to pick up his special lady. The guests became witnesses of how a new amazing family was born. During the oaths and the exchange of rings, not a single indifferent spectator remained there. Tears of happiness, smiles, congratulations, and confetti merged in unison. Hooray, it finally happened!

There was some preparation for a wedding banquet, so I decided to steal the newlyweds for organizing a private in Paris, only for two of them. December was reigning outside so that Lucy and Thomas were resisting winter frost with their fiery love and strong embraces. Having taken several pictures in the courtyard of the hotel, on a green lawn covered with a carpet of golden leaves, we went to the most romantic and beautiful places of the city.

Sure, we couldn’t do without a photo session at the Eiffel Tower, but instead of the traditional angle from the Trocadero square, we chose Pont de Bir-Hakeim. From there, you can catch a no less stunning view of the Iron Lady, what’s more, with a gorgeous panorama of the Seine and the autumn embankment. The next location for our photoshoot in Paris was Pont Alexandre III. Its architectural luxury and grace are ideal for wedding shooting as they emphasize the splendor and solemnity of the wedding images. Lastly, we headed to the Louvre with its evergreen lawns and hedges, and a magnificent pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon. The fountain’s water surface was reflected in the crystal-clear faces of the construction, which created an incredibly soft and light background for this photo shoot at the Louvre.

All in all, the wedding is a family holiday, so we didn’t make the guests wait for us and hurried to them to continue the banquet, and finished shooting with a very cozy joint photo.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.