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The guests from Indonesia

I want to share with you a family photoshoot in Paris, which took place on Christmas morning. Until almost the whole city was still sleeping after Christmas eve, we have already worked with guys.

This wonderful family came from far and warm Indonesia. Even there was not intensely cold weather in Paris, we were not hot. But once we started shooting, little Emily didn't let us freeze, she was just a whirligig, who did not want to sit still, and we had to follow her everywhere, so we have been warmed. ))

We started our photosession in the Palais Royal, where children can run amongst the 260 colons of Paul Bury, which were staged here in 1986, in a place with a fountain in the form of metal spheres, which reflects sunlight. Also on the perimeter of the garden, in front of the windows, there was a host of Christmas trees, that made a festive mood. After we went to the Louvre, but before we have walked around the Carousel square and then went to the Bridge of Art, that offeris amazing views of the Ile de La Cité.

Walking along the bund, we wandered into the island itself, where he made a few more shots and decided to finish our family photoshoot in Paris. It was very nice and easy to work with such a good family.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.