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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Tenar & Seval

Did you know that Turkish serials have taken first place on the global market of film production in recent years? The oriental authors and everybody's favorite actors attract spectators of all ages from all over the world. Something is amazing in Turkish TV shows that you won't find in other soap operas: sincere emotions, which touch to your very soul, fascinating twists of events, and charming appearance of the characters. And even though I don't turn on the TV to watch Turkish films, I was lucky to become the creator of such a masterpiece myself. A magical story of the love of a Turkish couple, Tenar and Seval, unfolded before my eyes and I conveyed it through the photographs.

Tenar and Seval went on honeymoon to the most romantic city on earth to prolong their wedding tale. A wedding photo shoot in Paris was an excellent way to preserve all the bright moments from this remarkable event for many years.
Is it possible to come up with a more beautiful and suitable place for shooting a love story in Paris than the Eiffel Tower? When standing on the Trocadero Square and looking at the majestic vaults, you feel as if heaven itself gives you its blessing. On the background of the tower, Tenar and Seval looked like a single whole, infinitely bright and tender. The Seval's lacy milk-colored dress perfectly matched the classic outfit of her husband, and expressive brown hair emphasized their outer harmony.

During the wedding photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, we walked through numerous wonderful places, and I made a lot of exciting shots that you can easily confuse with excerpts from a telenovela. So amazingly photogenic Tenar and Seval were.
When looking at the ready pictures, especially portrait ones, you completely forget that this is not a film. Seval's deep gaze on her husband, filled with immeasurable tenderness and admiration, causes joy, and the way Tenar looks at his wife, so lovely and flirtatiously, makes you feel fondness. A photo of the newlyweds' strong hugs could be a great addition to the collection of Nicholas Sparks movie covers.

The last location of our photo shoot in Paris was a quiet embankment, on the other side of Pont d'Iéna. This is a delightful place where the sky seems to merge with the river, and the Eiffel Tower goes through them in the center. Tenar held Seval against him so that everyone around understood that she was all his, and he was all hers. And their union will last forever.

Such photo shoots are inspiring. You want to create new photos and give people a unique feeling that they are in the center of attention, and the whole world seems to freeze around them. A photo session is a great opportunity to become an actor and director. Tenar and Seval became the protagonists of the new Turkish bestseller, which I called "Under the Tower Arch." And I think that such a film adaptation would have touched no fewer hearts than Çalikusu.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.