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Photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower Sergii & Maria 

Paris, the world capital of love, is always ready to help lovers spend a joint holiday in the best possible way. Love story photo session in Paris is a wonderful addition for such a trip, especially on a significant date.
With this goal, the couple of Sergii and Maria addressed to me. In the early morning of June, at sunrise, we met near the main attraction of the city. They are so young and romantic that a photo session at the Eiffel Tower perfectly matched their image as if connecting their loving hearts forever.
The most recognizable symbol of Paris amazes with its elegance and visual simplicity. Maria chose her outfit in tune with the mood of this “iron Parisian lady”: a light airy sky-blue dress with a fluffy multi-layered skirt, shortened to the front of the knees and with an elongated train at the back. The entire hem of the dress was covered with delicate smoky-pink petals, and the white satin bodice emphasized the grace of the girl's figure. Sergii, to match the appearance of his girlfriend, was dressed in a classic gentleman's outfit - a white shirt and black pants. Together, the couple looked very elegant and stylish.
We started a photo session at the Trocadero Square, entering a wide esplanade that tore up the giant horseshoe of the Chaillot Palace. Here, Sergii and Maria were tenderly holding their hands and lovingly looking at each other on the background of the Eiffel Tower, and I caught these sincere moments of love in a shot. After taking a few tender photos, an exciting idea to add a little extreme to such a measured and romantic walk came to our minds, and we continued the photo session on a high parapet. The intuition did not let us down, and photos in this location turned out to be excellent. It seemed that the newlyweds were floating in the air, and the whole Paris stretched at their feet. From this angle, the tower looked especially brilliant and served as a great background for a picture of strong hugs and kisses.
Then we moved down directly to the Champs de Mars, simultaneously taking a series of photos on the steps. At the field, the greenery amazed us with a riot of colors. We froze in silent delight and watched as the sun reached its zenith, and the clear morning light gave way to warm shades, falling in harmony with the bright green of the lawns. Thanks to such an unusual color gamma, I managed to convey the high spirits of Maria and Sergii through the photos.
At the end of the shooting, Maria was pretty tired of wearing high-heel shoes, and Sergii with a great pleasure and pride carried the sweetheart in his arms. Eventually, they shared their best impressions from our meeting and said that this photo session in Paris was an unforgettable event in their lives.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.