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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Sergey & Nastya 

As if they’ve just stepped out of a wedding cake, so beautiful and elegant bride and groom. Blonde belle Nastya with angel eyes seemed to find her destiny when meeting the gallant and courageous Sergey. The incredible harmony of faces and bodies, up to every line. Don’t we call such human unison fate?

This amazing couple decided to mark one of the most important events in their lives with a wedding photo shoot in Paris. They organized everything flawlessly. Nastya appeared in a luxurious white dress, whose luxury was created not by a pompous pattern and rhinestones, but by noble modesty. In this case, modesty has really become a real luxury and a sign of a noble style: a delicate lace corset, a tulle skirt, and pearl decoration on the back. The accessory attached to the veil was made in the same pearl style that looked extremely elegant. Sergey picked up attire in contrast with his wife's dress: a dark blue classic suit, a white shirt, and a scarlet tie. A perfect image of the modern groom.

Taking into account a traditional approach of the newlyweds to the wedding celebration, I offered them the same traditional locations for the photo shoot in Paris. I composed an ideal picture of how Sergey and Nastya pose on the background of the Eiffel Tower, in the corners of the Palais Royal, near the Louvre and standing on the Pont des Arts in my head. And I tried to implement all these ideas at the highest level.

Early in the morning, when Paris was still resting from the endless stream of tourists and residents hurrying to work in the rhythm of the capital, we began our photo session at the Eiffel Tower, in the most popular place of the city, Trocadero Square. It opens the most beautiful and complete view of the “Iron Lady.” In addition to the central shooting angle, we went down the stairs to the park at the foot of the tower and took a whole series of romantic pictures along the way. On the background of the main attractions of Paris, the guys looked fabulously, as in the images from the pages of fairy tales. I especially like the portrait photos which impress with their naturalness and amazing accents.

Then we went to one of the most magnificent buildings of the 17th century, the Palais Royal, built for Cardinal Richelieu. This place is imbued with the spirit of classical France and is complemented by modern elements of architecture - interesting black and white columns of various sizes. There are 260 of them here! There is a legend that lovers who could throw a coin on the highest column should make a wish, and it will come true. But for those who came here not to confirm the myths, the columns will be an excellent decoration.

Since the Palais Royal is located near the Louvre, we leisurely headed to the most famous museum not only of Paris but of the whole world. As for me, the photo shoot at the Louvre is a wonderful attribute of a wedding photo shoot in Paris, because the glass pyramid in Napoleon's courtyard, now serving as the main entrance to the museum, is supposedly a symbol of crystal purity and high feelings of lovers who take photos on its background. Also, here you can enjoy a walk in the spacious Jardin des Tuileries, which delights with greenery and well-kept flower beds.

The last point of our mini-journey was the Pont des Arts. It can be deservedly called the most romantic bridge in Paris, and the reason is not that it used to be hung up with locks with the names of couples. Some amazing aura reigns here even in the air. And when looking at kissing Sergey and Nastya, we can say that this is not only the most romantic bridge but also the most romantic place in the whole world. I think the secret is not where you are, but who is next to you. That’s how the unique atmosphere of love is born!

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.