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Proposal at the Eiffel Tower Sergey & Victoria

A woman appreciates that man who is capable of taking really high and unforgettable actions. Is it possible to imagine something more impressive for her than getting a marriage proposal in Paris? This city is saturated with tenderness and romance, and the air there is filled with thousands of declarations of love in different languages of the world. The best places for meetings and dates bow down to the great capital.
Paris is deservedly called a funky town because everyone would like to visit it at least once in their life. The symbiosis of historical sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Champs Elysees, Notre-Dame de Paris, Boulevard Montmartre, incredible nature and cozy cafes will not leave indifferent even the most avid travelers. If you want your beloved woman to remember the momentous engagement day forever, tell her the most important words of love in Paris. I still do not know any cases when a potential bridegroom has got the answer “No” there.
My clients, Sergey and Victoria, are the perfect example of the above venture. Sergey decided to amaze his girlfriend and make her a proposal in Paris. To keep this bright moment in their memory forever, the man turned to me for organizing a photo shoot near the Eiffel Tower. Since this was a surprise for Victoria, we had previously discussed all the details with Sergey one-on-one. Everything had to happen as in a fairy tale!
Someone thinks that it is enough to present a ring, and a girl will instantly say the cherished word: “Yes!” But Sergey wanted to diversify such a typical scenario with a nontrivial element, after which Victoria would not only agree to get married but would also understand that her future husband is the best man capable of doing great things! To realize this, he prepared the decoration in the form of rose petals, which were supposed to be poured on Victoria during the most exciting moment.
We started the photo session early in the morning to catch the rising rays of the sun, which added a stunning golden effect, and, of course, when the curious tourists didn’t get into the frame. Victoria knew about the upcoming shooting and wore a beautiful red floor-length dress. Sergey, for such an important event, dressed in a fashionable black suit, white shirt and put on a tie. The photo session started traditionally: the couple was posing at the Trocadero Square, where we took a number of individual and joint photos.
And so we smoothly approached the central part of the photo shoot. Sergey gave Victoria an armful of rose petals, asked her to turn away and throw them up, and at that second, he got down on one knee and took the ring out from the pocket. When turning, the girl saw her lovely man who told the long-awaited and sincere words of love, which for a moment disarmed her so that she lost the power of speech. Later, Victoria confessed that, of course, like any girl, she has always been dreaming of a romantic proposal, but what happened that day in her life ... cannot be described in words. It exceeded all of her dreams and expectations. “YES!” - her happy voice loudly pronounced.
I, as a photographer, noted how beautifully and picturesquely the rose petals looked in the frame, so we continued this theme and took many magnificent photos of future newlyweds in flowers.
When finishing this fateful love story photo session in Paris, I wished the lovers happy years together and was glad that this city became extremely significant and symbolic for them, where they will undoubtedly return more than once.
Fashion and trends change, as well as weather and mood, but some things remain the same and always actual. For example, the ideality of a photo shoot in Paris for proposing marriage to the woman you love.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.