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Stylish photo shoots in Paris Evgeniya & Semen

I'm really fond of unusual and stylish photo shoots, where every pose and clothing element of my clients depicts even the most popular locations in Paris in a new way. A meeting with a very unordinary and truly inspiring Krivtsovy family was a breath of fresh air for me. Semen and Evgeniya are well-known bloggers who have the own video channel and page about happy life, through which they share their preferences, tell about the power of positive thinking and reveal secrets of strong family relationships.
Evgeniya points out one of the main principles of happiness in the phrase: "We receive energy from pleasure when we are doing what we love." I analyzed my life and became totally convinced of the truth of this statement. Happiness and energy fill me when I help people from all over the world organize an unforgettable photo shoot in Paris or another city in France. Especially if I do this together with such interesting people as Semen and Evgeniya.
The young Krivtsovy family visited Paris in May. This month, the city of love pleases us with its bright and warm sun, snow-white clouds and a gentle wind. It is the ideal time for a photo shoot. We met in the early morning near the favorite place of all tourists - the Louvre. This place attracts visitors with its unusual glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon, where we took stylish and vivid photos. Evgeniya and Semen chose a very harmonious outfit with jackets and hats. You can immediately see that the guys are on the same wave, and this looks very cool.
Thanks to the excellent sense of style of this couple, we did not lose any second to create a bright image. Guys amazed me their clothing reincarnations over and over again. Evgeniya wore an emerald maxi skirt, a white jacket with gold buttons and completed the image with a mottled bandage on her hair and white glasses. Semen demonstrated his fashionable black T-shirt with a print. They looked like real Parisian mods! I suggested them going to one of the oldest bridges in Paris, Le Pont Royal, which opens a splendid view of Musée d'Orsay. In this location, we managed to unite the spirit of modern love with the historical charm of the city.
On such a tender note, we continued this love story photo shoot in Paris in Jardin des Tuileries. Its territory is decorated with sculptures of modern masters, fountains and two swimming pools. There are chairs for the rest throughout the garden. In such a magical atmosphere, I took photographs, on which the spouses were whirling in love, literally and figuratively. The 60-meter Ferris wheel remarkably complemented the overall picture.
We decided to finish such a romantic adventure, going through the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The Avenue Montaigne, famous Dior shop and Hotel Plaza Athénée, as for me, were the most suitable locations for Krivtsovy family, because there they just liberated their spirit of fashion and beauty to the fullest. All photos from this series can serve as a fashion magazine cover, think so?
Happy and satisfied, with branded purchases and unique photos, Evgeniya and Semen left Paris. I got such a big charge of energy during the work with them, that following a theory of Evgeniya, I can say with confidence - I adore my job!
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.