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To return to the 17th century, which was the period of absolute monarchy of Louis XIV, and become a real marquis or duchess, it’s not necessary to study quantum physics and invent the time machine. Thanks to the Fêtes Galantes, designed for the lovers of Gallant century, you can feel the spirit of history and visit the private royal celebration in the Barocco style.
It’s a VIP costume party which is held in Paris, namely, at Chateau de Versailles, for the fourth year. Hundreds of people come to Fêtes Galantes from around the world to touch the magical pages of the history of France and swirl in an exquisite dance. The preparation process for this event is even more interesting: the guests themselves create a royal image, buy or sew tailor-made costumes and, of course, make famous wigs.
Although the photo shoots at Chateau de Versailles are forbidden, the pompous Fêtes Galantes event removes the shackles of the ban, and participants get an incredible chance to take exclusive photos in this park ensemble.
My client, Oksana, also decided to go on such an exciting journey. The girl was fascinated by the luxury and elegant atmosphere of the classical period, presented in historical films, and could not miss the fantastic opportunity to plunge into the medieval farce during Fêtes Galantes 2019, held in June.
Oksana prepared a truly chic outfit that looked not only expensive and stylish but also absolutely corresponded to the attire of that time. Just look how well-thought-out each element of her dress and accessories was. Silvered lace inserts on a steel pink dress smoothly flew into the decor of the mantle, and the sparkling fittings on the choker and bezel ideally matched the Swarovski earrings. I can boast that I made an individual photo session in Paris for the real duchess.
Oksana approached her notable friends, who seemed to have gone from the screen of the Versailles TV series. I was really amazed by the level of preparation of the guests: all of their pearl jewelry, velvet skirts, and powdered wigs did not allow me to feel that I was in the 21st century. It all looked like a fairy tale, incomparable with reality. To keep impressions of such an incredible event for many years, I made a number of joint photos during the street style photo shoot in Paris with Oksana.
But since Paris is not only about kings and queens, Oksana wanted to throw off the veil of royal luxury and enjoy the calm stream of modern French life. And what can better convey this rhythm than a classic breakfast in bed with a croissant and a cup of coffee?
Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, in the Marais district, seems to have been created for such cozy and “tasty” pictures. Here, everything is arranged in the best French manners with a note of aristocracy. A photo session in a hotel in Paris is a great way to present several different images and decorations without tiring walks. So Oksana turned from a Parisian housewife to a fatal beauty with a glass of elite pink champagne playing poker. It was time to leave the hotel walls, so Oksana changed her outfit to Dior, to look like a true French fashionista walking through the bright streets of Paris to meet new adventures.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.