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Photo shoot in Paris Nick & Desiree

September is one of the best periods for visiting the capital of France. It’s still quite warm here, you can walk along the romantic streets of the city of love throughout the day, and the freshness and coolness of the air help you not to languish under the heat. Nick and Desiree, apparently, knew about this weather trend and ordered a love story photo shoot in Paris in the early September morning. The couple just got engaged and decided to keep this vivid life event in their family photo album.
You can hardly come up with a more traditional place for meeting than the Trocadero Square with the Iron Lady, thus, we started the photo session at the Eiffel Tower. This is the most grandiose, famous, and impressive building in Paris.
Nick appeared in a classic elegant dark blue suit a light blue shirt, and Desiree wore a milk-beige lace dress, favorably emphasizing her figure. When taking photos of a woman, I could not help but note and share the opinion that she was surprisingly similar to the American actress Eva Longoria. Desiree laughed and replied that I was not the first to tell her about such a star resemblance and that “Desperate Housewives” was one of her favorite TV shows.
The frames on the background of the tower were amazing due to the soft and transparent light. I took photos of the gentle kiss of the newlyweds, the rings they exchanged, and also captured an unplanned moment when Nick helped Desiree to change shoes(we were walking a lot, so that heeled sandals were not the most convenient solution). This shot shows the deep sincere love and care.
Next we went to the Louvre, the most famous museum in the world, the symbol of Paris, the pride of France. Photos on the background of the former castle were incredibly beautiful:I hope I managed to convey the full range of emotions, extreme tenderness and purity in every sight of Nick and Desiree.
Of course, we did not pass by a glass pyramid in the courtyard of Napoleon. I have noticed earlier that a combination of light on the pyramid edges and fountain spray creates an amazing visual effect in any weather and season.
Then, according to the plan, we continued a photo session on Le pont des Arts. One of the most beautiful Parisian sceneries is open from this place. Tourists who like walking are obliged to visit this location, stand in the middle of the construction and just look around. They will see a fascinating picture: on the one side, they’ll see Louvre, on the other side, the dome of the Institute of France, the omnipresent Eiffel Tower looking from behind the Musée d'Orsay, Île de la Cité, other bridges, quays with booksellers tents, and the boundless Seine with numerous barges and tourist ships. My clients were also impressed by such a beautiful view from the bridge. I could not fully succumb to the charm of this landscape, since I had a completely different goal, and I realized that I reached it when Nick and Desiree saw the results of the photo shoot.
I was very pleased to work with this sincere love couple, and I am sure that Nick and Desiree will have such a wonderful and harmonious joint future, as if they are standing on Le pont des Arts and looking around...
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.