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Wedding in France Nicholas & Sophie

In France, the dream of the perfect wedding becomes the reality. Thanks to the incredible landscapes and luxurious architectural buildings of the past centuries, everything here is like a fairy tale. My clients, Nicholas and Sophie, decided to feel themselves heroes of a romantic wedding story in the royal spirit and ordered a wedding photo shoot in France.
These newlyweds impressed me with their cultural and national symbiosis: Nicholas was from Australia, and Sophie was born in Britain, and the wedding place was a castle of Nick’s parents in the Centre-Val de Loire in the north-central France near Tours. It is believed that only in this region, you can meet native pure French speakers, and this is the birthplace of Honore de Balzac.
Nicholas and Sophie are very cheerful people, and on that momentous day, they just wanted to have a good rest and share joy with their closest friends and relatives. In order to catch the brightest moments, as a wedding photographer in France, I organized a photo shoot in a reportage style, where each frame was not histrionic, but a sincere fragment of the celebration.
On a July morning, we started a photo session from the beauty-preparation of a bride for the wedding. A visagist made Sophie a gentle nude maquillage, and a hair stylist made a shell from the girl's hair, fixing a coiffure with a barrette with pearls. The bride and her friends had a glass of champagne to calm the pre-wedding jitter. At that morning hen-party, all the girls, following Sophie’s plan, were dressed in identical satin gowns of powdery color, decorated with handmade lace. Bridesmaids congratulated the guest of honor with the change of status, and Sophie, in her turn, presented them with symbolic necklaces, which made everyone extremely happy and weepy. After that girlfriends helped Sophie put her wedding clothing on: a lace wedding garter, a delicate ivory wedding dress, and Jimmy Choo sandals of the same color decorated with swan feathers.
At that time, the bridegroom could not relieve anxiety, too, and was preparing for the ceremony, but in a masculine, short and laconic way. His outfit was presented by a snow-white shirt and a classic ashen-gray branded suit. After getting his head together, Nicholas went outside and joined guests, looking forward to his beloved. Finally, Sophie appeared on the steps of the castle with her father on her arm. Everyone hold out breath and... one of the most interesting wedding ceremonies in my life and practice of a photographer in the Chateaux of the Loire Valley began. Nicholas and Sophie were declared to be a husband and wife, and gave their wedding vows, while Sophie’s mother had the rush of feeling.
From afar, on the background of the majestic castle, this celebration looked truly royally and very picturesquely. Newlyweds exchanged rings, proved their love union with a tender kiss, and guests began to congratulate the couple. During preparation for a festive dinner, Nicholas and Sophie left a hall for a while to take several shots on the sunflower field, which was so bright and joyful as the newlyweds. The photos in the wild turned out to be excellent, very sincere and alive. However, the banquet tables and guests were waiting for the main participants of the festival, and we had to hurry.
Later in the evening, we moved to a huge lawn with a dance floor, where the couple performed a traditional wedding dance. The number of dancing guests increased significantly, and there was practically no one sitting at a table. The dancing alternated with rest, and warm friendly conversations. By nightfall, the level of fun almost reached the limit; all guests felt as if they were a single whole and formed a common circle. Nick’s friend climbed onto a ladder, established near a tree, and launched a fountain of champagne.
Everything there resembled a Hollywood romantic film or a fairy tale about the eternal love of a prince and princess. In France, you really plunge into the atmosphere of magic, and all dreams of lovers come true, especially if it is a wedding in the Chateaux of the Loire!
Your photographer in France, Dimitri Finko.