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As fas as you know, I’m from Ukraine, and during my professional career as a photographer in Paris, I met many countrymen. Sometimes I have a feeling that I haven’t even moved to France because I often work with Slavic tourists and clients. But the specifics of my work suggests a great opportunity to delve into the culture of other countries and nations, even at the intercontinental level. Such an experience is invaluable as I managed to look beyond the curtain of the lives of people from different parts of Asia, Australia, South, and North America.
The heroine of this photo shoot in Paris was Natasha, a young traveler living in the United States, California. Each picture of her expresses the spirit of American freedom and style.
You might think that the format of this photo session was model tests, but no. Although Natasha appears like a famous model due to her graceful figure, expressive facial features and thick eyebrows like that of Cara Delevingne, the purpose of our meeting was to capture the usual moments of a walk through the cozy streets of Paris, particularly in the Marais and on the Place des Vosges. So in general, the photo shoot was very lively, beautiful and American cool. By the way, don’t you see any resemblance between Natasha and Billy Aylish?
Natasha has prepared several exciting and radically different images, each time discovering new aspects of her creative personality. First, you meet her as a romantic girl in an airy coral dress. Among the greenery in the Marais, she looked like a flower, and her large emerald eyes seemed to reflect the depth of the surrounding leaves.
Then, Natasha appeared as an American teenager, by wearing dark blue jeans, lace top and Vans. She was as a heroine of some Teen TV series or the comedy “Freaky Friday.” To highlight such a bold and fashionable image, I selected the appropriate locations. Natasha was sitting in a relaxed position on a bench, and then I take photos of her on the background of a beautiful house sinking into the greenery.
Natasha changed her clothes to more casual attire, and we hurried to the Place des Vosges, one of the best places for a street style photo shoot in Paris. The Vosges is the oldest square of the capital, and each building here is a real work of art and a historic monument. In the central park, you can take stunning pictures near a large fountain, which will also refresh you on a hot July day. The dress of the girl surprisingly echoed the design of the square, and near the fountain, sitting on the grass, she experienced the absolute harmony of this magical place. After leaving the spacious paths of the park, we found a funny yellow minibus of the last century, which added zest to this fashion photo shoot in Paris.
Finally, Natasha put on an elegant mini-dress of pearl color that perfectly matched her beautiful long hair. I think the modern little Mermaid on land would look like her.
Natasha has shown that an individual photo session in Paris can be a real adventure if you take on this task with creativity and desire. Thanks to such an approach, I enriched my portfolio with another fantastic work of the American level.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.