Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
Natasha from Indonesia, a young and romantic mother, visited Paris in November with her beloved child. She, like any other tourist, wanted not only to keep her stay in this beautiful city in the memory but also to share her impressions of the trip with a family and friends. It’s unlikely that something can convey bright moments better than a visualization through the photos. My tasks of a photographer in Paris include the creation of impressive pictures as well as approaching each client individually, by understanding all wishes regarding photo session, and according to this, I select the most appropriate locations and images.
Because this year November was an unusually cold period and I did not want to make Natasha and her child go long distances outside, my suggestion was to convey all the luxury of the capital city through a stylish photo session at Shangri-la hotel Paris. This hotel, built in a classic style, resembles a fabulous royal palace, and we considered it an ideal place for an individual photo session in Paris in the autumn.
To diversify the photos with more vivid locations, we began shooting from the park belonging to the hotel. Here we were surrounded by a riot of greenery, flowers in old flowerpots, and foliage, glittering in the morning rays of the rising sun. Natasha’s image matched this landscape very harmoniously. This fragile and graceful woman, with a natural eastern appearance, chose a modest classic outfit: a light gray mini-dress and a white cropped jacket decorated with interesting details. Having made several individual shots, the little daughter of Natasha attracted our attention, and we were pleased to enrich this photo session with joint family photos. Frames with the child came out incredibly funny and cute.
Having frozen in the yard, we hurried to enter one of the best hotels in the world, which amazes the imagination with its aesthetic perfection. We took the first shots on the stairs, that looks as if the kings and queens of France have been walking there for more than one century. The staircase forging, adorned with gold, looks very rich so that everyone who goes down the stairs can feel himself/herself a representative of the royal nobility. Then we faced a huge high window and assumed that we would definitely take a stunning shot there. Our intuition didn’t fail. In the bright sunlight reflected by the glass, Natasha looked truly magically. After that, she changed clothes and wore a dress with a vivid oriental print, and I took a few luxurious pictures in the hall with a swimming pool.
Finally, is it possible to visit the capital of France and pass by the Eiffel Tower? Even though you can see it from any point, the balcony of this hotel opens an incredibly beautiful view of the Iron Lady. The expensive wicker furniture and the bonsai pots created excellent color gamut on the photo, especially in combination with Natasha's new dress featuring many bright patterns. A heavy vase with powdery roses perfectly fitted into that romantic composition. A photo session with a view of the Eiffel Tower would not have been completed without the main rose - Natasha’s daughter. I love photo shoots with children the most since these photos are extremely sincere and kind.
As you could see, the photo session at the hotel in Paris isn’t inferior to the street style, because Paris is luxurious in every corner. During our creative meeting, we have realized all plans and wishes, and I’m sure that these photographs will bring a lot of positive emotions to Natasha's relatives, and her daughter will revise the family album more than ones.
Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.