Paris photographer, Wedding, Family and Individual Photoshoots in Paris
You could never have enough beauty and style, so here is a new interesting work for you — for my client Nadya, I organized a photo session with a stylist in Paris. Nadya herself is a very bright and stylish girl, but with the help of a professional stylist Margo, the girl conquered the capital of France and its inhabitants by her appearance. By the way, the stylist can pick up clothes for any occasion, be it a wedding, participation in a TV show or a meeting with the president, and Margot is a real godsend for those who need to prepare an image for a photo shoot in Paris.

For her portfolio, the girl chose the street style in Paris, as in this direction, it’s possible to present a great number of cool outfits and inspiring ideas. Unlike most of my orders, we met with Nadya not in the early morning but in the evening in July. As for me, at this time, there is a special atmosphere in the streets of the capital, charming with its elegance and chic. Semi-dark tones of architecture and background allowed me to emphasize the bright clothing elements and the expressive face of the heroine. In general, I took very lively, catchy and, of course, stylish pictures.

Despite the fact that for this fashion photo shoot in Paris we chose only one large-scale location, the Palais Royal with the adjoining theater in the eastern wing of the palace, results of our work are not boring when compared with cases I involve a dozen of different places. And all this is because the model amazes with each new transformation.

In the beginning, when the sun was still touching the gray shadows of the asphalt and the palace, Nadya presented the outfit “Riot of peas”, recalling the times of this eternal trend birth. At the end of the 18th century, the peas came to fashion in Paris, and after a century, this decor reached the real Olympus. Even the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse wore a polka-dot dress, and Nadya with the same clothing could play this animated role, too.

The next image was ”Red and Black”, literally created based on the legendary Stendhal's book. In a spacious snow-white shirt, tightened with a black waistcoat, and loose fire-red trousers, the girl conveyed the spirit of the French Revolution of 1830.

And, finally, the period of modernity with images filled with glamor and brilliance came. Magro combined a pearl pink top with an elongated silver skirt in paillettes and supplemented it with a Barbie-colored light cotton coat and pumps. White glasses shaped as “cat look” and a transparent bubble bag made Nadya look like a real doll. By taking off her outerwear, she transformed her appearance and became even more festive and shimmering.

During just one July evening and with the use of only one location, we managed to create so many photo materials that would be enough for the whole Vogue issue. I hope that our creative alliance with Nadya and Margo will achieve this goal, and we will make not only Paris but the entire world more stylish and fashionable!

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.