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Wedding photoshoot in Paris Mike & Iris

A wedding photo shoot in Paris is one of the most sought-after formats since more and more couples prefer to go on a journey and organize a fascinating photo shoot in the most beautiful cities in the world, one of which is Paris. Indeed, this city provides an abundance of romantic locations, ideal for love story pictures.

Mike and Iris are newlyweds from China who came to the French capital last year to spend their honeymoon. To relive all those exciting moments at any time and share them with family and friends, they ordered a wedding photo shoot in Paris. Even though you can take great impromptu shots there, just by going outside, it is better to plan the route.

By tradition, the Eiffel Tower, which is the main symbol of Paris and love, was the first point in our list. For a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, the marrieds put on their wedding dresses: Mike wore a black suit with a bow tie, and Iris - a snow-white dress with a train and veil that looked very innocent and romantic. At that time of the year (April 2018), nature took care of the soft light and fantastic scenery for the shooting. Blooming cherries, Sakura, tulips, and the riot of greenery pleased our eyes. In such a magical floral ensemble, we wanted to sit on a bench for as long as possible and inhale the scent of each awakened bud.

When leaving Champs de Mars and climbing up the stairs, adored by all of my clients, we stopped and took some awesome photos there. On the Trocadero square, which is also the main observation platform of the city offering one of the most famous and beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower, we lingered for some time. This is the only place in Paris where the Iron Lady appears in all its glory.

Having enjoyed the beautiful views and landscapes, walked through the park and on the square, and ridden on the famous Parisian carousel, we headed to the Marais district - one of the most stunning areas in the central part of Paris. In Marais, there are practically no busy urban highways. Instead of them, you can see dozens of small attractive restaurants, cafes, and bars.

For this place, Iris changed her wedding dress to a more practical, but still exquisite red dress and vintage hat in tone. Thanks to such an accessory and a small bridal bouquet in her hands, Iris kept the image of the bride and harmoniously fit into the style of Paris. Without losing their Asian charm, Mike and Iris skillfully combined European rigor and Eastern mystery.


During the walk around Le Marais, we could not miss the opportunity to visit the Place des Vosges, a popular point on any tourist route in Paris and the central attraction of this area. It is the oldest square in the city, which had fully preserved its historical appearance since it was called Royal.

Our photo session ended with a well-deserved rest in a small Parisian restaurant at the Place des Vosges, namely, in the house of Victor Hugo. Drinking a cup of refreshing coffee with crunchy French toast or succulent eclair, or enjoying the ambrosial taste of light wine after such an exciting tour of Paris means that you managed to know the true spirit of France, which Mike and Iris brought to their homeland.

Your photographer in Paris, Dimitri Finko.